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Urgent, John!

Tony Cartmill

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If you don't distance yourself from Bush, acknowledge that the Republicans blew it when they had all the power 2002-2006, and talk true REFORM tonight...You are going to lose, even with the blonde and brunette babes by your side.

P.S. We all know you were/are a war hero 100 times over,

so please keep that topic to a minimum tonight.

Remember Kerry (Ready for Duty) 2004?...

Go get 'em Maverick!

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I was really put off by the entire Republican convention --- all the speeches, and all the sniping, and all the back-biting, all the Dem-ditching, all the "shrillness" --- up until McCain's speech. As the speech winds down, I've gotta say that he did surprisingly well in terms of message, tone, and delivery. So I will grant him that.

Now the Dems might at least locate the Panic Button, just in case they wanna put a finger on it.

PS: Uh-oh --- he's just going back to Vietnam to recast his prison story. I guess he didn't read your post in time, Tony.

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I love how he ripped into the GOP for letting the country down.

I hope he means it that he's not beholding to any party before us.

I think he's old enough, and just about crazy-nothing-left-to-lose-but-my-legacy enough to get in there shake up system...WITHOUT MAKING GOVERNMENT BIGGER!

What a partially-refreshing speech...

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John! Stop your people from acting like they are offended by the "Lipstick On A Pig" comment made by Obama, because anybody with a fair-minded brain knows it wasn't calling your VP babe a pig.

It's only making you look like you are getting campaign advice from Hannity and Limbaugh and trying to score points with stupid voters.

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