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I've been hijacked at MySpace!


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Well if any of you who are listed as friends on either my personal or my studio "myspace" pages have been getting spammed, supposedly from me, it's not me. I appear to have been hijacked and can't sign in to either of my accounts. I've contacted "myspace" to see what can be done.


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Make sure you change your password on the email account you use on your MySpace login, as it can be possible for the hijackers to gain access to your email account and further mess you up. Hopefully you weren't using the same password for both your email and the MySpace profiles.

Sorry to hear you've been hacked. I recently "rescued" former Utopia drummer Willie Wilcox from a similar fate.


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Hi Bri,

Unfortunately, that's the problem. I can't sign in to access messages or change account settings such as my password. It appears that someone has already changed it. grrrrrrrr

(the QS 8.1 is working great and we're still lovin' da llamma!)

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My first Myspace account was a problem, not the problem you are having.

You need to change all your passwords on everything. Check everything, do not assume if nothing has happened yet on those account that nothing will happen. Contact myspace and have them close your page or block it, then open new email addresses.

The biggest problem I had with my first Myspace account was too much information was being posted. My City, State and age posted, I had family photo's, my photo and just innocent reminders to friends of parties and activities. No big deal at a glance, but my name was easy to figure out just by looking at the comments and photo's. Then friends comments added more info it.

No big deal I thought, who would care?

Then I started getting strangers asking when and were the party's were...the unknown person now knew the names of my kids, nieces and family members, where we went to dinner, where we spent vacation.... Then the photo's started to arrive by email.

Too Creepy

My second Myspace Page was only to spy on my sons, I was a busty blond from Germany. It was lots of fun.

Now, I am being very careful, I approve each comment and delete more than I approve.

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Oh I forgot, My current page was hijacked on the first day I opened it. My photo was changed to a dead fish and crazy music and poems about fish were posted.

It was my youngest son, payback for the blond spy thing.

Funny how he figured out my password so quickly.

I think my husband was in on it! :rolleyes:

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Ooh ... that doesn't sound like a good situation Bessie. It's been a few days and MySpace still hasn't responded to my e-mail so I guess I'll have to wait it out and hope they respond soon.

I tried being a busty blonde for a party once. Man, was I UGLY! insane

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hmmmm .... just got an email from, horror of horrors, beatlebum. If I can make out his incohesiveness,he APPEARS to be claiming responsibilty for the hijacking of my MySpace account and a few others from the EC board. He didn't mention any other names. Time to call in the Soprano's? Arghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does one do in a situation like this ... I know, Austin Powers!

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