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I'll start this thread with a premise.Rock And Roll and Pop are wonderful.But for anyone who has ever seen someone like Chrissie Hynde or Ozzie sing "The National Anthem"-for me at least- the (purely subjective ) question has always been-"How many Rock And Roll, R&B, and Pop artists, are GREAT in the"Broadway" ,"Cabaret"

Tradition"? How many just leave you saying "Man Can that guy/gal sing!" The Rock Era is loosely defined as 1955--today.Which singers of popular music during these years do you out there consider-not just "great" sounds (like maybe Rod Stewart or Mick Jagger) but GREAT SINGERS in every sense of the word.I'll "Start Us Up" ("Jagger" again-Oops!) with only a couple in no particular order.

(1)Eric Carmen,(Good,now we

can move on to those we'll


(2)James Taylor.

Happy last day of vacation to some of you.

Who do you think are GREAT SINGERS?

Let the games begin.-Ira.

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I haven't checked the list that was posted earlier, but....my personal choices as best-ever in pop music (all forms of popular music) -

Female - Arlene Smith (Chantels...she sang the original; "Maybe") & Ronnie Spector

Male - James Carr (the most underrated soul singer ever), and the man referred to by Frank Sinatra as the 2nd best singer ever produced by this country (aside from himself), George Jones.

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Tony Bennett and Johnny Mathis

great voices that have stood the test of time and entertained many since the forties and fifties and both still going strong.

In fact, for all you Div. 1 Basketball fans, I just got done watching Bradley vs. Creighton. The two starting guards are Tony Bennett of Bradley and Johnny Mathies of Creighton. They have identical heights (6') and average identical stats for pts, rebs and assists. Tonight's advantage Tony Bennett..(Bradley won by 17 pts!)


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Mercury, Lou Rawls, Carl Wilson, Paul Rodgers.......

Maurice White/Philip Bailey....great 1-2 punch of Earth Wind and Fire...two opposite types of voices that perform together well........

Elton John is a better singer than most people give him credit for.....

And dare I say it, but I will say Kate Bush! Has quite a range.

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