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I'm really, really POed because...


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IM sure HT will agree with me, there's a BIG difference between sopmeone who is hearing impaired driving, and some knucklehead listening to his iPod. His attention is elsewhere, and could cause an accident. Same as talking on a cell phone (don't get me started). Not to mention driving with headphones on is against the law.


Yes there is a BIG difference. I've seen people driving with their iPods plugged in their ears. New cars(such as mine) have a spot to plug in your iPod/mp3 to listen to through your car speakers. Stupid.

Anyway, Doug, no offense taken(now). I'm sure that there isn't a law in place to restrict those that are profoundly deaf to drive.


I've had the stereo up loud too on Disc #2!


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"I'm pissed because our government representatives in DC have been conditioned to use their short time in Washington to take legal bribes and future employment positions from lobbyists and other special interests that enable them to become filthy rich and financially set for life!"

And I'm pissed that, after 30+ years in DC in various Govt. positions, I haven't been offered any of these bribes!!! (and only a couple of positions, which, truth be known, more likely would have led to indictments, not riches!)

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You have to be in an important position, John. Not your job!

But I'm sure bringing ice, doughnuts and coffee to big fat congressmen and women has it's own rewards... :P

Perfect example: That 60 minutes report on how just about EVERY government official involved with ramming that "Prescription Drug Plan Bill", written by the drug companies, through Congress on that strange and sleazy all-night voting process, NOW HOLDS A HIGH-PAYING JOB AS A LOBBYIST OR MEMBER OF THE BOARD ADVISOR FOR THOSE SAME DRUG COMPANIES, most within months after the bill was passed. They either served out their short "service to the public", or resigned early so they could get their bribe, err,...new position as soon as possible.

And it's all legal in DC... arrgh

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Found it! I thought there was a similar post to this, and there was, started by Paulie in 2006. Check it out... some funny things on here:


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