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My only problem is that I have to work AND I have a school concert that night! frown (((((((((((((((

Oh dear, of ALL NIGHTS!!!! If I didn't have an assembly in school and a night concert I would be there in a flash.

Are there any other days/nights he'll be there?

It *did* cross my mind to take off, but I can't rationalize leaving my kids for Denis.

Murphy's Law--"If Denis Leary is appearing at the Ice House, that's the day Darlene can't take off."

Ahhh, Denis. But, I *will* be seeing him on June 13, when he's on again.

Now, is he just taping one day?

Ahh, Denis...

smile --Darlene

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I know I know!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!! My source just called late last night and told me about tomorrow - didn't say about any other days. I told him to call someone there to get an autographed picture for me....I doubt that will happen!!

Jen, see if you can go to fx.com and see clips of Denis in action - he's known as a comedian and an actor but he has this amazing charisma on "Rescue Me" so so so sexy...it also helps that he gets to bare his butt frequently on the show!

MUZZA! You KNOW better than to think this wasn't RREALLY important - thank the Lord that Kiwi is there to keep you informed.

June 13th is coming, dar.....yeeeee hah!

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Sheesh... that's not fair. How am I supposed to compete with that (or them)???? confusedfrown:rolleyes: I can see I am going to have to review where we visit and WHO I let Kiwi meet when we are there... whenever that is.. if only Mr Carmen would tell us when HIS concert is going to be... :Plaugh

Muzza cool

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WHAT? NO RESCUE ME IN KIWI-LAND???!!! I thought you guys said he was coming on in NZ? Your country is totally deprived! Oh, Kiwi, you need a Denis DVD!

Annie, surely they'll mess up a few takes and have to reschedule. Keep in close contact with your "source."

Oh, where's Mrs. Turbody when we need her?! She's in JAIL, that's where. I was going to pay some picketers to march around The Ice House with some "Free Mrs. Turbody" signs. haha

I hope you get your autographed picture, Annie(!)

I'll have to come over and drool at it a few times before June 13.

I don't relish the beginning of this season, seeing our darling Denis in the process of perishing in the fire Sheila set. Oy! I was screaming at the television set for him to get up during the finale. As Herman said, "How stupid is that? He CAN'T HEAR YOU!" It made me feel better anyway. I'll bet he'd get up for us and Kiwi, Annie. I have faith there'll be another appearance at that ice rink... spin

smile --Darlene

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