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The Real Night Before Xmas

Lew Bundles

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Twas the night before Xmas'

And I'm on the board

There's no one around

Not even Gord....

The moderators are sleeping,

I can do what I want

I can post a Tri-fecta

In big bold FONT

Bernie is missing

Out the door he just flew

If they are not careful

This could become www.lew

Maybe he's planning

The next WAB

In hopes that the Raspberries

Will play there for free

The board has some action

Much more than me

Thats what I get

For holding out for Dianed

Tonite's Karaoke

Although its Xmas eve

Raspyrock will be there

They cant get him to leave

Darlene is home cooking

Working like a slave

I mean, how hard could it be

To make lemonade

Its great to see TUNESY

Joking and laughing

And starting to annoy us

with his damn phone-knapping

Shh, try to be quiet

Muzza and Kiwi are asleep

She's dreaming of Eric

and he's counting sheep

JohnO is not present

He's out on the road

Seeing rock concerts

From Cream to Manilow

And poor Tony Cartmill, on his way to the show,

Crashed his car trying to pick up some ho’s

He’s very lucky, he could have been broke,

If not for the insurance, he would have been choked.

And here’s to Gina,

Its to her that I’m speakin’

She certainly knows,

She’s my favorite Puerto Rican.

We expect Manoman

To edit this piece

He’s worse than the Gestapo

Or the mounted police.

My lap has been empty,

Without Jennifer or Kathy,

All this rejection,

Makes me feel crappy.

The band just played Cleveland

It was only last week

And from all the reviews

They were at their peak

Wally and Eric

Got along just great

Lets hope for more shows

in 2008

Now Eric, now Wally,

now Jim, now Dave,

Please give us more shows,

That’s what we crave.



.....................Written by Lew Bundles and DianeD.

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Very good, Lew! I thoroughly enjoyed that! I read it between batches of lemonade, of course!

No wonder Dianed fell for you--you're a perfect Robert Browning to her Elizabeth Barrett Browning. You two write VERY well together. You should get married in a Hawaiian wedding!

smile --Love, Darlene

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