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Post your haiku poem...


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and dedicate it to EC heartpump , or anyone you like.

Haiky structure:


* 3 Lines

* Lines 1,2,3 have 5,7,5 syllables respectively.

* Unrhymed


An old pond!

A frog jumps in—

the sound of water.


Another examples:

These are "kind of" haikus composed today on this forum...

Kind of HAIKU for EC, by Andiemay:

Ohhh,this perfect Singer, His haunting look,

Such a Deep Thinker, My heart comes undone...

By Tony Cartmill, dedicated to......Me:

Such brown-nose prose, there comes a cost.

My keyboard's ruined, from the lunch I tossed...

By James, James styled Haiku dedicated to Tony:

Roses are red,

This is the Cartmill deal.

No crying sheep allowed,

But anything flies if they're real. heartpump

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"JohnO's are ok.. probably more technically sound than most. But my poem is more alive, it has meaning. I think it speaks to the deepest parts of the human soul.

I give it five-stars.."

But it isn't haiku, technical or otherwise.....syllables need to be 5,7,5


James - I'm wondering,

World's greatest womanizer,

Or wishful thinking?

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That's a good one JohnO, I like it. Technically sound, relevant to the discussion, and most importantly it deals with my favorite subject (James) . Though no need to ponder further...axioms are axioms.

And you know, a rebel iconoclast like me should not be restricted by 5-7-5 type rules. There have been many great and important iconclasts of history that were told by their contemporaries that they should stick to the rules, but luckily they didn't. A few come to mind:




Jesus of Nazareth

Joan of Arc

James of EC.Com

Lastly thank you Darlene, but next time please include Tunes. And Andrewmae, your haiku was very very good!

Please carry-on..

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