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Lew Bundles and Dianed


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So Diane-Will your wedding song be "The Worst That Could Happen"? And-if so-which version.The"Brooklyn Bridge" or the "5th Dimension"?


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I've been standing in front of the mirror for the last 20 minutes practicing my rendition of "Sunrise Sunset"-the ultimate wedding song from "Fiddler"-which I will be most honored to perform at the ceremony for a modest fee.-Ira Mostel.

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Ok…you asked for it….

This so-called “hitching†(I cannot call it a wedding), should take place at the WAB V !!!

Kathy, ya better learn how to make my cheesecake, ‘cause I want a 5-tier cheesecake cake (with NO CRACKS) topped with Raspberries, of course !!!

The attire will be a raspberry colored gown and tuxedo (I can’t wear white anymore …….OOOOPS !!! )

“Tunsey†can throw me away (I mean give me away), since he started this mess.

There will be a Justice of the Peace….no priest would ever perform this wedding (sacrilegious) !! !

“Brats and Beer†are fine for the main course (we are not fussy eaters), and of course, Darlene’s lemonade should be made available.

Live music ONLY…supplied by the “Berries...(my significant other cannot DJ that night), and Ira can fill in when the band takes a break.

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OK... maybe dianed can sing this little ditty...

"Well I was (insert age here)

And sick of Lew

I didn't know

What I was gonna do

I bought a fast car

And hit the long road

I had to go...

I went to parties

I went to bars

Some nights I couldn't even find my car

I hit the bottle

I took some pills

I had to go...

Well come on everybody

I'm down and I'm in it

Well come on everybody

I'm down and I'm in it

Come on everybody

Let's hit the road... "

With apologies to Lew, who I don't know, and Eric, who's song I just butchered! smile

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I'll play the violin at the ceremony. I've chosen "When You Come To The End of A Perfect Day" because the title will be so meaningful for your wedding night...and also because it's an almost direct paraphrase of one of Denis Leary's lines on RESCUE ME! when everything was totally going to hell.

Now, what are song are you going to choose for your wedding dance--"It Hurts Too Much"?

smile --Dar

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