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chat for the homebound on Friday night


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"Yes, I'm a Slade fan."

During the summer of 2004 I saw at a festival in my neighborhood the band Slade. There were only two original members left, but OK. It was the hottest day, it was mid July, of the year, about 40 degrees Celcius and the last song they played at that show was Merry X-mas everybody. They stood on stage with their Christmas hats on and about 20,000 people were yelling: "So here it is Merry X-mas everybody's having fun.." ("It's Christmas.........!!!") Was a great experience, indeed.

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Wim - that's neat that you saw Slade...thanks for sharing that. Which two members were left in the band? Sounds like you had a great time...what a fun ending to the show!!

And to the "Friday night gang" (you know who you are) - what a blast! I was tickled to death so many of us got to chat...had no clue what would happen when I had that crazy idea. Jimmy the Nick - please bring your lasagna to another chat soon. Gina - the dark chocolate raspberries were gleefully consumed in your name. It was terrific to talk with everyone and in our own way, the gathering on line let us share in the concert evening...hope everyone in LA caught the excited vibes we were sending your way!

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Susana, What a perfect "chat hostess" you were! We had such fun between chatting, telling stories and listening to parts of the concert via telephone! THAT WAS THE BEST PART--we could talk about what we were hearing!!!! WOW!!!!

We got to know the place was packed (and that they were amazing) IMMEDIATELY by telephone! That made my night, even though I couldn't be there.

It was great chatting with all of you, and sharing a great Raspberries night! We have to do it again soon!

smile --Darlene

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