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chat for the homebound on Friday night


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Since it appears some of us will be having a bit of a pity party <eg> on Friday night since we are not joining in the fun in LA, may I suggest...

A late night commiseration chat for those of us not at the show. Since the show starts at 9p PDT (someone correct me if I'm wrong on that), how about we meet here at that time to ponder what our pals are doing and to whine about the fact we are not with them?

(Whew - that was a mouthful.)

Anyway, that time will translate to 11p CDT and 12m EDT.

Who's in with me? (Heck we can even do our own roll call!) lol

Oh - and it's a bring your own food and beverage party. wink


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Woo hoo, Jimmy! This is going to be fun. ICAM about this week driving a person crazy...I feel the same way. It's supposed to get cooler here so I can wear my 'Berries sweatshirt - good idea. Lasagna sounds yummy. Do you prefer I bring chips and dip, or a dessert? smile

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Oh, yummy- and I have wine to go with! Those recipes are the best.

Saw a good recipe today for pumpkin cheescake, but not sure if I will get to the store to buy the ingredients in time for our get together. If not, I can make some bacon/horseradish dip for the chips...or something else.

I wonder who else will join us?

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You just wanted the trifecta, Lew - I think our chat may be starting past your bedtime, Cinderfella. :::sniff:: Here I thought perhaps you were going to say you would stay up late and play with us. Oh, well.

As for "bump" - just trying to bump up the interest in this thread and see who might be thinking about joining the "left behinders concert night party".

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Susana, I'll be in chat after my performance (that kept me from going "out West") Friday night (midnight EDT). I'll be seeing Joyce (SallyG), as she's coming to my performance. We're going to go backstage and gab about Raspberries and things EC! I'll tell you all about it and we'll fantasize about the spectacular Hollywood performance and cheer the boys on!

smile --Darlene

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Great, Darlene - I was hoping you could make it! Will Joyce be able to play, too? And you and I can compare Jack Jones notes...the one to work with vs. the one the audience sees. smile

As for you, Lew...I'm not one to beg...but will you be able to join us on Friday evening/Saturday a.m.? Por favor?

We have a tiny little roll call:


Jimmy the Nick

Laura (if she can sneak in for a few)



Guess we have to start thinking about how much food to bring so we can all eat, eh? smilesmile

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Hey, Gina - the whole reason we're chatting is cause we can't be with you live and in person!! Just thnk how strong the combined force of our "spirits" will be...no way can you miss feeling us!! laughlaugh

I have some dark chocolate covered raspberries I'll bring to the party in your honor...sound good?

When do you leave?

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Aaah, Lew - we will be so honored!

So far, here's what we're bringing to our little pot luck:

Jimmy the Nick - homemade lasagna

susana - chips and dip, chocolate covered raspberries

Scent Lady - carry out from Chinese buffet (get your order in now! laugh )

darlene - will you be making a big batch of lemonade?

Lew - ? we still need a salad - maybe some garlic bread to go with the lasagna...? But I don't want to spoil any surprise you may have in store for us

Of course, we all must take responsibility for our beverages! Those who have been in chat with me before know that my bf Jack may join me in that department. hahahaha

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