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chris hess

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i'm bringing this up cause i'm tired of this subject in nowaday life..i'm so tired of all the races fighting..black,white,asian,arab..etc...the way i look at it,if you are an asshole..you are an asshole..period!! it does'nt matter what color,religion,sex,or whatever else..be a good person in life to everybody(including animals!)..and the world would be such a better place..is this really so hard to understand?..we being the human race,what the hell is the problem? anyone else feel like this here?..lol,chris

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Eric Burdon and The Animals have turned against us? wink

Unfortunately, there will never be harmony between all races - Just a fact. No use worrying over it. I am much more worried about the drug problem in the US!

As to trouble with the animals, fortunately it is a small minority of people who abuse them. The crazy thing is, the ones who are caught are dealt with more severely than a child abuser. If only PETA and other groups felt as strongly about their own neighbors as they do a caged mink or a stray cat.


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I wonder how much confusion there is between RACE and CULTURE. While I accept that many people are treated badly because of the colour of their skin, I suspect that many are also discriminated against because of their culture. My feeling is that people don't hate Arabs for being Arabs as much as they hate many of them because of their cultural activities and religious fanaticism. And even in saying that, we are in danger of saying ALL Islamic people are bad when we know, (if we are honest with ourselves), that that is not the case.

Here in New Zealand racism rears its head too frequently and is often actually propagated not by the "white" majority but by ethnic minorities. That in turn causes people here to make a "blanket" stance against all ethnic groups, when in fact it is a radical few who seem to be hell bent on keeping the devisive attitudes alive.

I'm with Gord when he says he wishes everyone could get along. Unfortunately that seems an impossible dream as too often the powerful and the greedy will use racism and the like for their own gain.

Just my thoughts on it.

Muzza cool

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how have the animals turned against us? we're f'n them up too! lol,chris

See, that's why dogs and cats can't get along. Today my dog chased a cat up a tree and I thought "why can't they just live in harmony and stop all this fussing and fighting?" Then I thought "gee, that sounds like a line from a '70s soul song." Then I continued with this thread in my head by humming the song "Black and White" by Three Dog Night (hey! that rhymes!). That got me to thinking about why animals are so damned messed up lately, arguing and feuding like mofos. Look at Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner. Porky Pig and Daffy Duck, too. Thank God for Mickey Mouse and Pluto being chummy, or I'd lose all hope in animalkind.

And don't even get me started on that jackass Eeyore...

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You guys are totally hilarious!!!

My daughter attended a seminar in school yesterday called "Rachel's Challenge" given by a friend of Rachel Scott, the first student killed at Columbine. It was incredibly sad, moving and uplifting according to her. She said a number of students left the auditorium crying and saying how horribly they had treated people.

The message:

1) Look for the best in others.

2) Dare to dream

3)Choose influences

4) Acts of kindness

5) Start a chain reaction

The speaker told a story: a man called Rachel's father several weeks after Rachel was killed to say "I don't know you, I don't know your daughter but I have been dreaming about her for the past three weeks. I see a pair of eyes with tears dripping down to the ground and life growing from the tears. Does this mean anything to you?" The father said no. The man said "I just needed to share this with you. If you ever figure it out, please contact me."

Weeks later, the police released Rachel's backpack and in it was a notebook journal. There was a drawing by Rachel of a pair of eyes with 13 tears dripping down and a rose bush growing out of the ground where the tears fell.

(Thirteen innocent people died that day, plus the two gunmen.)

Life is too short for intolerance, my friends.

But feel free to kick these boys butts for teasing the women!!!!! laugh

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I guess Jesus is my hero and my example...though I fall way short, his is a great standard to work toward..

He didn't tolerate bad or evil...but he LOVED ALL PEOPLE, bad, good and in between..

"Love Your Neighbor as Yourself"...to me this cuts through it all..

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Originally posted by Tony Cartmill:

No wait, I forgot I'm superior to the white woman race...dammit!

Ahem...superior eh? I think not. How about you give birth to something the size of watermelon coming out of something the size of a lemon? eek


Ah, But it is my superiority that manipulates the white woman to do all the hard work... smart
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