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Lobster's my favorite food!

I just got back from standing in line for 20 minutes. Oh how I love my country. :rolleyes:

Because there was election coming up in a few days, the town of St Pierre was not evacuated. The whole town was destroyed by Mt Pelee which erupted on May 8 1902. Election date was set for May 11. People were encouraged to remain in town and were told the volcano was not a threat. Wrongo! There were extra people in town that day specifically for the election.

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The guy in front of me said "I know for a fact that a lot of the deceased used to vote." Silly me pictured dead spirits running around voting.

Not understanding him I said "Whaddya mean by that?" He replied with something like, the numbers of the dead were used, and I immediately knew he meant the social security numbers of the dead came back to life. "Oh my mother died last week but she would have wanted me to vote this a way...."

Well the good ole paper-voting days when politicians could use the SSN numbers of the dead are long gone.

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