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Strength,Support,Prayers Please!!


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I have a brief update about Valorie...I won't be seeing her today because she really needs to rest!! She only ended up having about an hour of sleep last night and I want her to catch up on some sleep today if she can...kinda hard though when the nurses are there helping her which many of you know means checking vitals about every hour and in between that replacing her I.V. bag and giving her medication. She is a fiesty one that lil Sis of mine (she's older but she is about as big as a baby smurf in fact, I use to call her Smurfette)...anyways she sounded a lil better today and is already talking about coming home...ha ha ha despite the fact that she hasn't had anything to eat or drink yet! Like I said, she is a fighter thank goodness. Thanks again to you all who have taken the time to send prayers and well wishes...for those of you who have taken the time to do so it means more than words can express and so I truly hope you shall be blessed with good health and happiness in return!!!

*Vera* LuvLove

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Hey Hey Everyone,

Thought it was time to do an update...Valorie still has not had any solid food yet but she did manage to have about two tablespoons of clear soup. She looked alot better than the last time I saw her. Her 'counts'(lipase and one other) were just over 3000 when she was brought in...just so you understand, an acceptable range is between 100-150!! The very worse so far they have ever been has been 4000 and that was when she was initially diagnosed. Her room is very nice BUT she is always freezing and her room is pretty cool if even I think so! They are still having problems doing bloodwork etc...they finally called down a NICU nurse to put one in...the nurse that puts needles in lil newborn's veins. So I thought I would lift her spirits and tell her I heard a rumour there was going to be a new "Raspberries Cleveland Concert"...needless to say, she was last seen heading down the hallway in her hospital gown backside wide-open screaming for joy while the 'men in the white coats got the rubber room' ready!! haha Just kidding, Valorie couldn't leap out of bed and head down the hall if her bed was on fire, BUT, it did make her all smiley when I showed her all the well-wishes she had received from her EC.com family~please, keep saying your kind words and prayers and with any luck Valorie will be on solid foods by maybe Monday!!!

We both send our sincere thanks for those of you who took a moment to express your heartfelt words as they truly do help in the healing process! You are very wonderful!

LuvLoveLuvLove *Vera*

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Continuing to keep you in prayer. Glad that Valorie is doing a bit better.

Does Valorie have a Caring Bridge website? I don't know how widespread those are, but in my area, they are pretty popular. You can go to their website here and see if you think it might be something of interest to you both. We have a family friend that is battling breast cancer that has one of their sites--it is a great way to keep family and friends updated.

Anyway, hope things continue to improve and you both get some rest and restoration!

Love and Blessings,


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Glad I made someone chuckle! Anyways I am heading up shortly to go visit with Valorie. She sounded a lil more herself today so I am starting to feel better too! I am going to take a picture looking out of her room and maybe one of our hospital so you will all know what she calls her 'city home' looks like. I will post again later. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.


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Hullo Everyone: Once again and hopefully not for a very long time will I have to do this again for this silly reason...but THANKS...to know that you support my sister when she is down and out means a bunch to me...and as for me...darn...I am gonna stay healthy for that concert thats coming up...thats what Bernies 8 ball told me....you people are the best family ever (next to my own of course) Oh yes...must send x-tra special thanks to people who sent packages that helped me make it through the nite.....Valorie

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