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Strength,Support,Prayers Please!!


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Hey Everyone,

Don't know how many of "My EC.Com Family" is interested or is willing/can be here for me right now BUT that being said my sister Valorie is already back in the hospital...it's getting down to 'crunch' time so to speak as the hospital stays are getting more and more frequent with less and less time in between!! As her sister of course I am always extremely worried/afraid BUT as two members of this 'family' we both want/wanted so much to be able to meet so many of you at another "Raspberries" concert. We wanted to meet the faces behind the screen names, hang out and kick it 'old school so to speak. We wanted to learn about the different cities everyone is from and more about your lives on a more personal level. We wanted totally to be able to 'rock on' with everyone,flick our 'bics or glowsticks' and sway in sync with the Raspberries more mellow sounds! We wanted to bring you all a lil something unique from 'our home town' when we did hopefully get that chance to meet...and right now.... baby I see that these wishes/opportunites may be slipping away and can you hear my heart breaking??? Valorie doesn't even have a room again yet...she is out in the middle of 'no man's land' so to speak. It took 4 nurses 12 tries, just to be able to find a vein to hook her I.V. up because her veins are so tiny and they are developing something(forget the medical term) where it is getting harder and harder to access them to help give her medicine.

Bottom line right now EVERYONE, I right now am in desperate need of your strength and support so I may pass it on to Valorie...please, either post so I may print out again or private message me either way, given these new circumstances/developments it's ok, I would very much welcome any and all of your words of encouragement!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post of mine today and a million sincere and humble thank-you's for all of you who in kind, reply to this!

God Bless,

*Vera* LuvLove

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Dear Father in Heaven--we lift up your daughters Valorie and Vera in prayer today. We ask that your divine will be done and that you would cover them both with a blanket of your love and protection. We pray that you be with those who are taking care of Valorie--that they are able to keep her as comfortable as possible. We ask that you give Vera the strength and courage to deal with whatever is to come. Father God, you know their unique needs--they are your children and you love them dearly. Please let them feel the love and support of their ec.com family as well. We ask this in Christ's Holy Name....Amen praypray

Love and Blessings,


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Dear Vera and Valorie... here's a special healing prayer (Misheberach) we sing in the synagogue:

Mi she-beirakh avoteinu

M'kor ha-brakhah


May the source of strength

Who blessed the ones before us

Help us find the courage

To make our lives a blessing

And let us say, Amen.

Mi she-beirach I'imoteinu

M'kor ha-brakhah l'avoteinu

Bless those in need of healing

With r'fu-ash'lei-ma

The renewal of body

The renewal of spirit

And let us say, Amen.


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Vera, we had a similar vein problem with Brian when he was in an out every couple of weeks for urinary infections (this went on for years.) Ask the hospital to do a guided IV ultrasound to locate the veins that will hold up. This helps significantly and they won't waste time blowing out the small ones over and over. Less trauma on Valorie, too.

I would imagine her spirit and resilience are suffering. Is there any way we can help other than the posts? Please know that prayers are on the way. I've lived through what you're doing for several years and know the toll it's taking on you, too, but you wear it with dignity, lady. Let us know how we can help you both.

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I am totally blown away by all of my *Ec.* Family's words of support and I know Valorie will be deeply touched. It's just the sort of thing that gives her a lil something to dig down deep and keep fighting the good fight with! Tonight, she finally is resting comfortably in the quiet of a private room. She went into the hospital at about 2 in the morning the night before when she started experiencing overwhelming pains again...she realized that her lipase were up again. I am relived she is out of the "Emerg" because the nurses there were being pretty unprofessional mad which is definately *NOT* what anyone needs on top of already being sick! Kathy when I bring her these print outs tomorrow I think she will be very interested in asking for that ultra sound procedure for her veins, thank you for sharing this!! Tonight one of the nurses was giving her a new medication, she totally messed up and blood was just streaming down her lil arm......arrrgh!!

It's just with her condition, the more the episodes, the worse the damage and it cannot be *fixed* only treated. I guess what I am saying is, I would NEVER EVER lie about something as serious as this and I feel truly blessed to have this EC.Family who understands, believes unconditionally and supports in the same manner happy so thank you from the bottom of my heart!! If anything new develops I promise to share with all of you!

*Vera* LuvLove

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