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Comedy Albums: A lost Art?

Billy K.

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I remember when I was young, I would hear comedy records----Bill Cosby, Bob Newhart, Allan Sherman, Phyllis Diller, Smothers Brothers, etc.

And in my late teens and early 20s, there would be Steve Martin, Robin Williams, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Cheech and Chong, etc.....

But nowadays, I don't hear any mention of any comedy recordings being put out. I know there are comedy videos out.....but is "audio-only" comedy recordings a thing of the past?

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I suppose it is, because I can't find anything on the radio anymore Sunday nights that has comedy in it! CHUM 104.5 had a whole host of them, and now they're off. That is a Toronto station. I think they're more into mysteries than anything else now.

Maybe I should search more earnestly.

Say, if you know anyone who cassette-recorded them, you can get them to record the routines to mp3 form and put them onto i-pod! (Why didn't I think of that years ago?)

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We have a comedy troupe called The Royal Canadian Air Farce, who are calling it quits this year.

Marvin can tell you more about them. The focus was on political commentary, commercials, even "white label" products. They had a TV show AND a radio show.

My ex bought me a cassette of some of their material, and I think I lost it. (The tape.)

It was great to have a laugh while cooking in the kitchen, and I regret having lost so many things in moves.

They had spot on impersonations of politicians and even a hockey player, "Big Bobby Clobber" with no brain. (Too much high-sticking.)

I even miss Red Skelton. He's on video now, but it would have been nice to have a collection of his works.

Now, all I have are Spike Jones songs.

I wonder if I can get "The Bickersons"! They were a hoot. If I can't get them on BS or some other downloader, I guess I'll have to foot it to oldies stores when I feel well enough.

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I still have my Cheech & Chong Big Bamboo album and Robert Klein's Child of the 50's one - all beat up from listening - oh and I have two Monty Python ones as well - Another Record and Matching Tie & Hankerchief...... I loved to listen to comedy albums when I was younger.

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