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World Series Predictions


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1ST Base Berkman vs Konerko Adv Sox Konerko ALCS MVP hit in clutch and above average fielder.

2nd Base Biggio Vs Iguchi Adv Astros Biggio put up some awesome numbers and is on a mission before he retires.

3rd Base Crede Vs Ensberg Adv Astros Ensberg hit more homers and better slugging

SS Everett Vs Uribe Adv Astros Everett is the better hitter.

OF Taveras Lane & Burke Vs Rowand Dye & Podsednik EVEN alot of mirror images here

C Pierzynski vs Ausmus Adv Sox AJ his a better hitter and catcher that knows how to get the most from his pitchers.

Pitching Adv Sox (Clemens and Pettitte put up some great numbers in the NL will have to face an AL team that is very familiar with them in cold Chicago) Adv Sox

Sox should win in 6 games

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I thought the Orioles did it in 1969 or 1970? Cuellar, Palmer, McNally, and Dobson (not sure about the last guy, but pretty sure the O's did it.)

It's cold and rainy in Chicago. I wouldn't want to be digging in against Roger Clemens (who the Sox spurned a few years ago for, ahem, Jamie Navarro)in a mist! I think Clemens and Pettite's experience will win out for them. Oswalt is ready to take the front stage before the national media, too.

Go Stros!!!!!!!

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