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Republican spending orgy? How about Govt spending orgy? Sorry, you just are not going to pin it on the Republicans and act like the Dems are thrifty.

nah, never said the dems were thrifty, but when it comes to spending & running up the federal deficit, the Repubs have them beat hands down - a rout, by light years, not even close, all while crying wolf the whole time. but i'm pretty sure you are comfortable with this, as are most 'fiscal conservatives', which i've never understood
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I give Reagan a break because he "had to" outspend the Soviets into bankrupcy

Rumsfeld? "If we win the war too fast, my war-machine mutual fund only makes 20%."

reagan quote - untrue, & implies that you bought into his (& his party's) lies. most overrated american president ever

rumsfield quote - so true!! TOTALLY DEFINES the bush administration & cronies behind the war, & their motivation for it. largest war contracts in the history of the world, made them very, very, very rich men

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And Hollies, you don't think Bush Jr. could have pushed to clamped down a little on all these monopoly mergers, and Wall Street speculators, and insane mortgage practices?

tony this would be counterintuitive to why bush & repubs pushed so hard for deregulation of these industries - it was done to open the door to fast, unethical, but massive accumulations of profit by way of book-cooking & sleight-of-hand
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by hollies: >>This was started during the Clinton admin and the big player was Clinton whiz kid Cuomo

hollies, c'mon - where's your props to Reagan & Bush Sr - hello?? deregulation ho's, those guys... Cuomo surely earns a footnote in the plagued history of dergulation, but this has been the Repubs coveted baby all the way, & for a long, long time

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Okay...A new post! Yeah, we'll cancel each others votes out. Funny stuff though...I've still got your back! Great musical taste is still the strongest glue brother Austin!

yeah, i could talk smack all day when it comes to politics. one of my best pals (hard right-winger) i recently offended w/ my email exchanges just like the ones we have going here. it's funny, he's not thin-skinned, but he took it personally. when he & i sit down w/ a couple of stogies & a glass of scotch, we can rant & vamp (& disagree) all evening long, but something about how people maybe digest & interpret &/or misinterpret the written word & its inflections, intended or not

i just wanna know when the Raspberries are gonna get it together so we can all reunite for another show. now knowing a few political leanings among us should make the grins & wisecracks even bigger if & when we do

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but hollies, seriously now, you cannot be impressed w/ someone the likes of sarah palin, right? tell me it ain't so. i mean, you don't just like her b/c she landed on the ticket, right? we need intelligent politicians (try to ignore the greed factor for just a moment), but she's just a wash, a facade

not sure if i came across your read on her anywhere here yet. dude, don't burst my bubble in thinking you're still a cool cat..

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