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I think the right has a right to be rightly pissed off. When it gets to the point that 75-80% of the major media is actively trying to get one party in power over the other, and tailoring their stories to make that happen, the thought of a free, fair and truthful press, that made this country so strong in the past, has turned into today's group of...well, SOMETIMES IT JUST PISSES US OFF! mad

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I just might vote for change... by voting for the Libertarian candidate. I'm tired of voting for what I perceive as the lesser of two evils.

Dave... Works for me... it's been my plan all along simply because for all of the claims of "Maverick" this or "Change" that, either of these will basically be "the same old tired bs"... when it comes to the actual governing... and true enough, if we had a "free and impartial press" today as we did in the early days of our nation, that's what they'd really be telling us... that Politics has become too much of a business and a career... politicians spend too much of their time, their energy, and OUR money trying to stay in office... or achieve the next higher office... instead of looking out for the good of the people...

Yep... Bob Barr ain't all that I'd want either, but the idea of something other than an R or a D getting the vote flat excites me...

Now... let me be among the first to shout the rally cry... Jesse Ventura in '12!!! laugh

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Originally posted by LC:

One would think that after you put George W. Bush in office for two terms, you'd be a little more open-minded. And a little restrained. And maybe even a little embarrassed.

I am embarrassed that I voted for Bush... but not so much so that I'll vote for a man who will have us poorer than a third world nation by the end of his first term...

And speaking of embarrassed... I see you're from Massachusetts... I'd be even more embarrassed to be from a state that has kept an alcoholic womanizing murderer in office all these years...

But then I guess as long as he brings the pork home, as long as he furthers the advance of those "tax and spend" liberal ideals... who are we, the American people, to care what he does... or who he kills.. in his private life, right?

BTW, Teddy Kennedy deserves better than "alcoholic womanizing murderer." He made a tragic and regretful error in judgment, but it was an accident, not "murder." Since then, he's been -- whether you like it or not -- an important voice in politics... the "lion of the Senate." Your description of him is just a temper-tantrum of words that sounds like something spewed out by a FOX News right-wing extremist.

Also, I'm not originally from Massachusetts, but it's a fine and historic state. One nice thing is the folks up here actually understand complicated things like... punching a ballot on election day! Think about that one, Mr. Florida! And try to open your mind a little bit to Barack Obama.

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Personally, I've voted for Democrats for the past 20 years, excluding some local elections...and am leaning that way this time as well. However, Obama's far from my dream candidate for any office, let alone the Presidency....and, as far as I'm concerned, he's fair game, as are McCain, Palin, etc. (Whichever way I vote this time, I'll be pulling the lever with one hand and holding my nose with the other!)

JohnO, I actually net out somewhere in your neighborhood, though maybe not holding my nose. Or at least not very tightly. You know who my dream candidate was; deprived of that "impossible dream," I've considered both sides carefully, and I don't feel anywhere near as excited or as optimistic as I did in 1992 and 1996 (Clinton) and 2000 (Gore). However, I just can't see Palin as a VP; it's too important of a job considering McCain's age. He could have done a lot better... or not!
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"....I actually net out somewhere in your neighborhood, though maybe not holding my nose. Or at least not very tightly.....I've considered both sides carefully, and I don't feel anywhere near as excited or as optimistic as I did in 1992 and 1996 (Clinton) and 2000 (Gore). However, I just can't see Palin as a VP; it's too important of a job considering McCain's age. He could have done a lot better... or not!"

Larry - I hear ya! And personally, like you with Palin, I've been trying and trying for months to convince myself that Obama is qualified for, and would make a good President, but it just doesn't compute. While Palin COULD end up in the White House if McCain is elected, Obama definitely WILL be there if he's elected - that's a 100% certainty!

To me, his entire candidacy is based on his rock star charisma and ability to raise money, and nothing else, other than maybe the willingness of Dems to drink the kool-aid! It certainly doesn't appear to have anything to do with his stands on issues or potential policies, which strike me as too left-wing for most of the country....and I believe his party knows this to be true, so his strategy is based primarily on joining McCain and Bush at the hip! So much for the age of "new politics" he was going to usher in!.....

I read an on-line column the other day that accused Palin of having a huge ego for agreeing to accept the VP nomination, based on her lack of experience. At least she didn't seek it from the get-go...and frankly, I think the combined collective egos of Biden, McCain and Palin are no match for that of Barack O.!

On the other hand, though, I also think this needs to go beyond our own personal likes or dislikes. Can we stand 4-8 more years of the Republicans in the White House, and another 2-3 appointments of conservative justices to the Supreme Court?......

P.S. And yes, I wanted Gore as well.

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>>"But then I guess as long as he brings the pork home, as long as he furthers the advance of those "tax and spend" liberal ideals..."

paulie - like most right-wingers, you are living in a make-believe bubble & have swallowed the big lie if you consider Repubs fiscally conservative - George W has run the federal deficit up by $4 trillion to $9.5 trillion. Reagan & Bush Sr accounted for another nearly $3 trillion rise - this is approx 75% of the national debt since WWII! it's the great (& successful) lie upon the American public that Dems have been the big spenders - clearly the biggest tax & spenders (in the form of corporate welfare & earmarks) have been the ones calling the kettle black: Repubs. most of this occurred while Repubs have held the Senate or both houses (their wet dream, ie: why Bush Jr got to loot the till & burn thru the budget like a madman)

this makes the Repub claim that they are fiscally conservative laughable. these are cold hard facts, look it up beyond the sound bites. or just ask hollies, he knows... heh

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As has been pointed out... Obama desperately wants to be president. Biden has tried more times and failed than Obama... McCain has wanted the White House for over a decade now too... the only one in this mix who hasn't actively wanted the power is Palin...

We know Biden... and even his own party would not support his run for the oval office... We have a pretty good idea about Obama... now that we are learning who has their arm up his ass making his mouth move... We know about McCain... a Republican who has been disowned and disgraced by his own party but can't quite come to terms with jumping to the other side of the aisle... but we don't know Palin...

To me, out of all the known evils, I'd just as soon roll the dice with the unknown.. who knows, we might actually have someone worthy of our respect and trust who can indeed lead us to that change that Obama vaguely refers to but can't quite elaborate on successfully.


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>>McCain has moved ahead of Obama in all three new Ohio tracking polls by an average of 4 pts. Obama loses Oh...he loses the election. Sorry for the bad news Austin. Heh.

hollies, IF mccain wins, at least he *might* (another big if) put the brakes on the Republican spending orgy of the last 25 years or so. of course, the Repubs (incl McSame) are also responsible for all the deregulation & ripping away of protections that have worked since the great depression, which has allowed corp's the mad-grab free-for-all that currently has us in this economic freefall & has some of the world's biggest corp's in a nosedive (or already dead). but you knew that

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Austin is SO CORRECT about the Repubs the last 25 years. They talk a good game, then do the opposite, even if they mean well.

I don't think I've ever read a smarter 1-2 smackdown than Austin's last 2 posts.

But the Democrat leadership and candidates right now, seem to be even worse. Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Rangle, Obama, Biden, Clinton, even Gore. What a motley crew of strange and inneffective leaders. They offer no solutions other than taking an out-of-control bloated corrupt Gub-ment, and making it bigger, more wasteful and overtly socialist, instead of closet socialist.

McCain, with Palin's help, SAYS he wants to cut waste, cut corruption, get rid of the cronies, save money for taxpayers, yet NO talk of serious Defense and Intelligence spending or reform, which is also needed...

Democrats? Not a single word about cutting spending, waste, outdated programs? Some good talk about cutting corporate welfare. But what will they do the the money they save there? MORE GUB-MENT PROGRAMS!

So, what do we do?

No! Not get drunk and drive around town... arrgh

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Oh..and Austinberries...you may want to read this piece from the liberal Village Voice...even a bright Texas lad like yourself may learn something new! As you'll see, with a little homework it's pretty plain to see...your boys got the ball rolling. Way to go DEMS!!!! [What???Austin you didn't know this???] Heh. Them's the cold, Hard facts.Read it and weep.


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"Mom! He's making me read MORE articles...!"

I know the Dems are no better...But the Repubs promise more fiscal responsibility almost every time. Where are the results?

I give Reagan a break because he "had to" outspend the Soviets into bankrupcy, but the rest of the bunch...poor leadership.

Tom Delay? The dealmaker? "Let's get in, get all the power, get rich, get out, and we're set for life."

The Bush's? "What's good for the Saudi's is good for America, I guess..."

Cheney? "Pay no attention to the man with the defibrillator behind that curtain!"

Rumsfeld? "If we win the war too fast, my war-machine mutual fund only makes 20%."

McCain/Palin might make some changes, but they are up against such a broken corrupt monolith called the US Gub-ment, the odds are long...

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Let's get this straight...I was responding directly to Austin's contention that the Republican's deregulation caused this meltdown. This mess is all about home lending regulation being deregulated and bad loans being packaged and sold on wall street. This was started during the Clinton admin and the big player was Clinton whiz kid Cuomo. Saying in a post that it was the Republicans does not make it so...or smart.

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