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My Son..The "Star"


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Having met Jeremy I can say I am not surprised he's "got famous"!!!!! He was courteous and open when we met him and spoke about matters in a very mature but not arrogant manner. Well done Jeremy.

And well done Ira and Lorie. Don't devalue the influence you have had as parents on your son's strength of belief. You both have a right to be proud.

Muzza cool

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I don't think people can ever be "vegetables." Even people in what medicine terms a "vegetative state" can hear. Not even doctors who can read "flat brain waves" actually KNOW what a person hears or sees or even understands, because they're not inside that person's body or mind.

My Dad was in a coma, but when the nurse came in and said she was going to suction his lungs, he became very restless. He KNEW and he didn't like what was coming, even though the nurse said he didn't know.

I would bet the same doctors who know so much about a vegetative state would feel very differently if they were the ones who were in it!

As for keeping loved ones alive, I think it's the loved ones who are ill who should be allowed to make that call.

When my Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimers, at one point she refused to eat and in a moment of weakness I told her that although I knew she was unhappy, I couldn't imagine life without her, told her I love her and don't know what I would do without her.

She decided to eat and improved her health remarkably over the following 13 months. We had many wonderful times, sharing all of her favorite things, including lots of Eric and Raspberries music and her favorite musical, My Fair Lady. I asked her if she was angry with me for needing her and she just said, "I like like love love you," with a huge smile, so I think she was glad she chose to stay, but I know she did it for me. She loved me as much as I loved her, and she knew staying comforted me. My feeling back then was "How could I let her die when I could see how much she loved ice cream? How could you not respect that life when some of it made her so very happy?

Reflecting back, I feel I was selfish to tell her I needed her but I had SO much respect for her life that it clouded my judgement. I truly cherish those precious days with her but I regret that I couldn't be as strong and giving as she was, and didn't even know I was doing something wrong at the time.

I think love can really cloud judgement in most instances, especially one involving a terminally ill loved one. Losing a loved one is the most agonizing thing in life and I don't think anyone can judge how each of us deals with it. We can only judge ourselves.

smile --Darlene

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Lorie,me, and Jeremy had the good fortune to meet Susana in New York with ScentLady and Steve.

And We also had the....hopefully more than once in a lifetime wonderful experience....to spend a few days with Muzza and Kiwi.

Thanks for the kind words Susanna and Muzza.

EC.Com breeds good people...It's a scientific fact.

Jeremy is the better for having met you.-Ira.

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