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What Is Your Pet Peeve?

The NH Bushman

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I was always AMAZED at the utter rudeness - exactly as you described.

What we have to keep in mind is the perspective. In the South, there is a saying "if you're shy, you don't eat." In Asia, if you don't adopt a "me first" attitude in everything you won't get what you want/need. Getting on a bus or a train, I am just as rude as the next Asian person.

Last night I met an American at the airport. We heard the typical "tasi?" (taxi) call. I went over and he immediately said "Taipei?" because that's where all the foreigners go. I said no, and told him in Chinese where we wanted to go. Well, that *should* have clued him in, but let's just say that he's a couple o' tacos short of a combination plate. He immediately said (in horrible English) "one thousand NT" (New Taiwan Dollars). The taxi ride to where we wanted to go should be, at max, around 700 NT - so he was trying to rip us off. I raised my voice really loud and said "why so expensive? because we are foreigners?" The guy he was with actually punched him in the arm. I said the international 2-word phrase which ends with a pronoun in the second person, and walked away. About 10 mins later, the other guy (the one who punched the first guy) saw us and actually apologized.

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People that form "Cliques". Whether it is at school, at work, or visiting a message board there always seems to be that handful of people

that seem to well........kinda.........hang

with there little clique. Yuckie,poopie on people

like that! A control issue I'm sure. <img border="0" alt="[blech!]" title="" src="graemlins/blech.gif" />

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I have to agree with you about that one. I think, though, that those are most generally the people who lack confidence, so they find a small "clique" that they feel safe with, and i kinda feel sorry for them sometimes, because they're so narrow minded, they miss out on a lot. I have plenty of pet peeves, I guess, 'cause I agree with ALL of you that have posted here. Rude, agressive drivers top my list, because it's not only "rude and agressive", it's dangerous !

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A clique is a group of people who tend to come together and form a group, and ignore other people and their opinions. Kind of like the popular kids in high school. They only included those who they think are cool and no one else matters.

My pet peeve is rude, obnoxious people, whether they are driving, in line, or in message boards. angrymad

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My wife and I lived 3 years in Louisiana. We loved the State and the people but we were absolutely conviced that cars bought in that State do not HAVE turn signals nor can you get them as an option. And when it rained you would think there was 6 inches of snow falling. Cars slowed to a crawl.

Florida is the worst for driving because of all the tourists. Half the time they don't know where they are going and will pull in front of you at the last second. And half of them can't read english which exacerbates (oohhh big word) the problem.

Very frustrating.

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