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Hangin' Up My "Raspberries' " Beret


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I have previously stated my posts would become quite limited due to my health. This time, I am stating that I have made a decision that my time although here has been brief compared to some, it is also now for that time to come to a close. I thank you all for your enlightening perspectives into Eric Carmen, Rock & Roll and on other levels such as our favorite 'animals'. I will never say it hasn't been informative...it has...diverse...never a dull moment. Some of you may be thrilled to see my departure for good, some of you may be disappointed and others won't even have a clue who I am...I just know that this was one of the better site's I have been on in regards to music on the world wide web. I hope it will aspire to become so once again!

Peace Out

*Vera* aka *RaspberryWolf

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Stick around Vera - Don't be the little girl who cried raspberrywolf! wink You've said goodbye 3 times now, but you are allowed 10, so come on back. happy

With all of the twists and turns on this board there will come a time that you will want to participate. If by chance they announce a show or a cool event don't you want to be part of it?

Best regards, Tim

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You need to take a lesson from Marvin who has learned, “You can check out anytime you want, but you can never leaveâ€.

The people on this board are passionate and vocal about their opinions, and that can sometimes create an environment in which feelings get bruised and flame wars erupt.

Every message board has their “knuckleheads†(and I use that term lovingly) which we need to balance out the very serious topics that are discussed. And yes, they can get out of hand and obnoxious at times, but it should all be taken in the spirit of fun.....which it is. it.


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Vera, I can't believe there's anyone who "doesn't have a clue" who you are. You've been an integral part of our community, along with Val, for longer than you realize. We all have our (sometimes heated) disagreements, and we sound off, apologize, kiss and make-up and usually laugh about it.

The one that sticks out in my mind was some disagreement poor Andy (Bahoodore) and I had during which I called him "Bahooey," (very uncharacteristic of "Lemonade Girl"!) To my embarrassment, he decided he liked the nickname and kept signing his posts "Bahooey." I've always loved Andy, even while I called him "Bahooey," and the more I get to know him, the more I love him. I'm glad he signs his given name now.

I hope you're not leaving us for good. I hope your health holds out and you can spend more time with this crazy but lovable family. If not, Godspeed, but I hope you'll be with us for a long time. You'll really be missed when you go.

smile --Love, Darlene

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I think it's good to have a heads up if someone is thinking of leaving. So we can react/beg/mock/ridicule if we choose. Nothing wrong with that...

It just gives some of us more material to work with.

Leave the door open Vera, come back when you feel like it. Therapy, addiction issues, 9/11 updates, Economic survivor tips, "Eric Carmen: Songs From The Secret Vault" CD release...Naked pics of Tony C...You never know unless you check in. insane

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All goofing around aside, I hope you come back, Vera. Sometimes, a li'l break is all someone needs in order to recharge and join the fray again. It's like that Fleetwood Mac song, "Fireflies": "To survive the distance, everyone fights/Everyone fights and the fire flies."

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