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Nude Vlogging


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What will the youth of today think of next? Apparently, the new fad on youtube is for girls 14-18, yeah, I said 14-18, to stand naked in front of a camera and blabber away about issues, as if they were doing a video blog! Now, they are asking for older women to continue the fad.

Because youtube does not allow nudity, they shoot the blog (or vlog as they call it)during a strategically placed bubble bath or from the clevage up and just talk about anything, but promise (bad choice of words, I suppose) that they are in the buff to their audience. Then, they send it out to all their friends and "tag" them (dare them to do the same).


To think of all those hours I spent playing the piano when I was 14-18 because I didn't own a camera.

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LC--there IS none. This is so ridiculous. These young kids need to get a life and do homework. No wonder students are reading below grade level. They got computers so they don't have to have legible handwriting anymore, and technology has allowed them to let the internet do their work for them.

Now, they spend their time playing video games and are so BORED because the brain isn't working to its capacity that they think of inane and insane things to do to cure the boredom. And they're pushing the envelope too far.

How many young ladies and gentlemen have come to harm having met someone on the internet they thought to be a teen and the person turned out to be a predator? How many of these vacuously shallow kids have urged each other to hang themselves for sex gratification and/or commit suicide through flaming, etc.?

The internet, sadly, is a two-edged sword. It can put kids on the cutting edge or cut them to shreds.

frown --Darlene

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