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One Hit Wonders

Otis Robb

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First off, hello again to everyone-been bizee.

Asctually this is for MARVIN, I really wouldnt consider MIKE PINERA (THE BLUES IMAGE) a One HIT WONDER!!!!!????? Mike has been VERY ACTIVE IN THE MUSIC ARENA OVER the last bunch of decades.

Some great solo lps inluding 'ISLA' (Fantastic solo on that One), The 'Son of Cactus' (1973)

Reforming IRON BUTTERFLY(YEAH HE WAS A MEMBER-so why was DOUG INGLE SO ADAMANT ABOUT STOPPING MIKE doing a real GREAT VERSION OF IB IN THE LATE 80's?) touring with JERRY CORBETTA of Sugarloaf. So when I think of ONE HIT WONDERS-its mo of the disposables i.e. Vanilla Ice Heaven 17, that ilk- not SOMEONE OF MIKE's caliber and verve! By the way just to mention, MIKE has gotten the short end of the deal in various projects such as the CACTUS album. Here's the story on that one(from THE PINERA Mouth himself-we met Mike in April 1987) Messrs.

BOGART AND APPICE(THE KING KOBRA MAN HIMSELF) had invited Mike into the group in late 72, but the 'enticing' wood and wire calling of the former MR> SHOTGUN EXPRESS C-R-O-A-K-E-R for MR> BECK OLA was too 'hopeless to resist' Well holding the bag, actually the recording contract, Mike had to put together a WHOLE NEW LINEUP for CACTUS! (Of Course with the Many many moodys of Jeffy Boy-BBA only lasted one offical release and one obscure studio/live that never saw the light of mass release) Oh yeah, RAMATAM, Mike split after the first album finding out that APRIL LAWTON turned out to a cross dresser-OOOOPPPPPSSSS! now thats mental!!! Also over the years, Mike had 'reformed' the BLUES IMAGE and there was to be a 'new album' (this was back in 1990). Never seen it though. MIKE was/still is a VERY TALENTED guy who still crankin strong!

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