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How addicted to coffee are you? QUIZ


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I love coffee! I was a pure tea drinker until I was around 30, and I ran out of tea bags at work. One of my assistant editors said, "Here, try a coffee... Just stick a little cream in, and you'll love it...." I gave in to the temptation, and bingo --- hooked. I love it....

Like you, Leff'tHome and Paulie, my score is... 63%.

That last question, however, might have pushed my score a little lower than it should be. See, I'm not sure how many cups I drink per day, but I filled in the box for 2-3 cups, because even though I might go down and fill a cup 4 times a day, I usually end up dumping part of each cup. (Wasteful, I know.... Al Gore would be ashamed!)



PS: Marlene! I love your 77%. Next time we meet up, we'll drink a whole pot together!

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