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What's In Your Garden?


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I'm impressed with everyone's gardens! We are mere pikers in the garden department but our flowers include tulips and rosebushes and azaleas, which are gone now. In all of our flower pots hanging in the gazebo we have impatiens and also in the beds in front of the house and the bed around the mailbox.

I grow dill and parsley--*very* small spice garden!

In the vegetable garden are corn, carrots, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, leaf, romaine and iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. Summer salads are delicious and slimming! smile

I'm impressed with those who have bougainvillea and hibiscus. I adore lily of the valley too!

We discovered that the fragrant flowers across the street are a variety of Southern Honeysuckle and the scent is gorgeous! It wafts through the open window in the study on warm summer nights!

smile --D

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Petunias (regular, wave and mexican purple)


Jefferson plant



trumpet plants

bell plants



roses (regular and miniature and lady banksia)

crape myrtles

day lillies

tiger lillies


dwarf azaleas

holly hocks


elephant ears


Louisiana irises

bearded irises

no veggies......ground too hard in most places.


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a family friend of ours used to whip up something with dish soap--can't remember the forumula and he's been gone a number of years. I bet there's some gardening site on the internet for organic gardening that would have lots of friendly ideas!

I also believe that you can plant mums around your veggies--bugs don't like them??! Maybe I have the wrong plant! Hopefully someone with a lot more knowledge will chime in!

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Yeah, I've heard of that dish soap recipe, too. You might even be able to type in dish washing liquid insecticide and find it.

Marigolds are supposed to keep insect and garden animals at bay. I believe you're supposed to plan some in between the rows of veggies.

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There is a great site to buy organic products to help control garden pests called Gardens Alive .

As for the marigolds, you should use specific marigolds called Golden Guardian. These will help to protect your plants from nematodes. Nematodes feed on the roots of plants that cause plant distortation and plant death.

The others look good in the garden, but offer no protection in controlling garden pests.

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Mike, you'll have to be careful with this, but have you ever tried Epson salts? You use one tbsp to a gallon, and I know for a fact it keeps slugs (which I have a problem with) from chewing my vegetation. Also makes flowering plants bloom like crazy!!! I would just be careful with shallow rooted plants (dogwoods for instance). With 4 dogs and 3 cats, I have to be careful about pesticides and poisons in the flower beds. Also, if you like flowering plants, bell plants are perfect.....disease free, "critters" won't eat 'em, and they have a beautiful greenery. You can grow them ANYWHERE....even a rock garden.


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I seem to be followed around by oak trees. Had 36 of them on our place in Tehachapi. Did'nt realize it until after we had been in Camarillo a few days; have two oak trees on this property. I love oak trees smile Kirk.

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Mike for Tomatoes I either use Bamboo stakes or some left over special coated aluminum Rose stacks.

Lattice is light weight flat strips of timber about 1 1/2 inches wide nailed together to for a sheet that looks like network.(Can't think how else to describe it.) Sometimes when I have used sheets I may have some lengths about 2 feet hight and 4 feet long which I use for beans or peas.

Muzza cool

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At the moment never because it is winter and it rains a fair bit... laugh However, in the summer, it depends but we should do it everyday. It depends on what you are watering as well. Roses for instance need quite a lot of water, but Lavenders prefer less. The vege garden needs steady water each day and I usually put the sprinkler on for about an hour in the evening. The same with the flower garden. We have a system installed in our front flower garden and a portable rotating sprinkler for the vege garden

Don't water when the sun is out and hot as it will dry the water straight away but more importantly it will actually cause the water to "boil" on the leaves and do damage to them.

Others may have different suggestions due to the conditions you have over there.

Muzza cool

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Your cucumber plants have bacterial wilt. This is a very infectious and fatal disease to all vine crops. This is caused by vine borers that chew through the inside of the plant. The chewing and sucking from this garden pest causes the bacteria to spread to each plant.

You have to take out all of the plants in your garden that are affected and discard them properly. Do not use any of the infected plants for composting.

Next year, plant your vine crops in a different part of your garden and use a enviromentally friendly pesticide. This will help to control these pests.

And, no you should not eat the yellow cucumbers.

Just for the record, I am a Master Gardener.

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