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St. Joseph Statue


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I'm wondering if anyone here has ever resorted to burying a St. Joseph Statue to help sell their home. Well, did it work?

My condo has been on the market for almost 3 months and the continual cleaning for showings is driving me insane not to mention my boyfriend.

Or if you have any other suggestions, I'm open.

Thanks for your help!

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Some friends of mine resorted to burying a St. Joseph statue in their backyard. Their house sold within two weeks. I say give it a shot. I have never done it but I understand there is a particular way it supposed to be buried, right side up, upside down, I can't recall. I think the statues come with directions. It's kind of funny.

Good Luck!

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Does it work if you're not Catholic? smile

Hang in there Julesberry - 3 months is not a long time and you're getting showings.

I think saying a prayer and setting a realistic price is a better signal to the market than burying a statue.

Best go duck that lightning about to strike..


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We're already burning incense and chanting to Ganesha, the Hindu God of Success and Remover of Obstacles. So far the only thing he has told us is to remove the rock n roll art from the walls. Hide the guitar and bring out the sitar.

I've called around town trying to find a St. Joseph's statue and everyone is sold out. Hmmmm, lots of people believe in this.

So I've placed my order at www.saintjosephstatue.com

Anne, it couldn't hurt. Why not, let's go for it.

P.S. And if it worked for Tommy............

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Julesberry -

Ordered mine. A good friend also joined us, so it's going to be a lot of fun knowing we're all in this together.

I think it's head first, facing the house IF it's buried in the back yard. If it's in the front yard, then it should be facing the street.

(I'm sure the statue will come with instructions!)


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