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Deborah Gibson


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Tony, your post reminded me of a joke I heard long ago:

Two men are walking thru a cemetary in Vienna, and they come upon the grave of Beethoven. They are both in awe, and are having a moment of silence when they hear music coming from the grave. They listen intently and the one man says "that's Beethoven, but the song is playing backwards"... the other man says... *drumroll*

"he's decomposing" crazy

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In the version I heard, the coffin is open, and the skeleton of Beethoven has a piece of sheet music in one hand and an eraser in the other. When one of the guys asks Beethoven what he's doing with the eraser and the sheet music, he says, "I'm decomposing". Kirk.

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I talked to Deborah in person at the airport briefly a few months back. She really looks great!

But it is puzzling.....is this new single pop or is it Broadway? The most recent album was an all-Broadway effort.....actually was rather good, especially for me not being a broadway afficianado.

Actually lost interest in her after the "Anything is Possible" album......a bit too calculated and milking a formula, as far as I'm concerned. Nowhere near as good as the first two albums.

Buy "Colored Lights" certainly redeems Deborah, at least as far as artistry goes, though not a major commercial success. But the new release(as well as the pictorial)should be interesting.

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