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Sirius or XM?


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I have XM. I loved it from the start and continue to love it. The variety of music channels is incredible. The amount of good talk stations is stunning. If you like sports talk, they just added "ESPN XTRA" which has shows from local ESPN stations. If you like politics, they have POTUS '08 which only covers the presidential election. It's a great product that keeps getting better.

The key difference between the two lies here: if you like the NFL and Howard Stern, then take Sirius. If you like baseball (and Oprah), take XM. I'm a baseball guy so having access to every single regular season game was the reason I chose XM over Sirius.

There are some differences in the music lineups but my opinion is that this isn't a reason to choose one over another because either is far superior to terrestrial radio.

(If you're interested in XM, send me your email and I can send you an invite... I get $20 if you subscribe.)

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My new car has XM, and I LOVE it! About a week ago, the people from XM called me to welcome me, and began giving me the sales pitch to sign on (I have it on a 90 day free trial right now)... I said "I want it, sign me up!". The woman said "don't you want to know the price?" eek and I said "I want it, sign me up!". happy She laughed and said "well, alrighty then!". I don't like baseball OR Oprah, didn't even know those were on XM! But the 80's stations and the comedy stations are fantastic.

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