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What is your favorite TV Show (Drama)?


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I don't have a favourite but a few MUST SEE shows.

Mondays...Prison Break and 24. CSI Miami too


Rotating nights it seems...Criminal Minds

That's about it.

That horrible American Idle comes along and fouls up the whole schedule 2 nights a week. I REALLY hope Howard Stern is successful in having his massive audience vote in the WORST of the lot...whoever HE is. Cowell says he'll quit if it happens. It'll happen.

Bye Simon...you twaddling twit. And take what's-her-cougar with ya.

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I love LOST !!


and HEY !! I like American Idol.

I'm questioning the level of maturity of someone who's trying to get people to "vote in the worst", though...I mean, really. If ya don't like it....DON'T WATCH IT !!! Simple, no ? spin

(some people will do anything for attention !!)

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Kinda like that Muzz. I'm in preparation mode. When we finally decide to quit fighting our imperialist world image, and just go ahead and live up to it...and annex the rest of Mexico, I want to be first in line to welcome the mujeres!

Yes, the Mexican women are a very well rounded segment of our western hemisphere's population. There's a lot I could, errrr.... learn from them.


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Kathy, I always...well, I'll say it now, you smart are a very good judge of character (well at least in this instance).. cool

..and Kiwi, I like how you always look at the bright side, that's admirable. And I'll add another positive note to yours. When Fiji annexes New Zealand, you guys will be able to claim the golfer, Vijay Singh, as one of your own...AND you won't have to learn a new language!!

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