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Hi, ALL!!! I had sent MJ a private message to let her know I was under the weather. I didn't want anyone to think I had abandonned the board because I was off so long.

THANKS SO MUCH for all the kind, warm and wonderful messages. They really did my heart a world of good. I think the turning point came when I started to listen to Raspberries and Eric music on my personal cd player. I should have done that at the very beginning!

The medicine really was a wonder drug--it worked fast, but I just had an absolutely horrible reaction to it. I'm "up and around" now and plan to go back to school Monday.

Again, thanks for the beautiful expressions of kindness. This is the best place anywhere.

I even got a call from our webmsster and the best, sweetest and funniest card I've ever received from Kathy with some very sweet words.

You're all the best. Oh, and Annie, I did indeed see Denis!!! He produced the roast for Jeff Foxworthy and he was on television for a bit. Lookin' good...

This is the best bunch of friends in the entire world! I love you!

smile --Dar

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