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Carmen Smalley

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Take Action Now!

Compassionate citizens around the globe have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stop Canada's annual slaughter of baby seals. But we need you to take swift action, and to ask your friends, family, local shop owner and everyone else you know to take part as well.

PETA Europe is calling on MEPs across Europe to vote for a permanent ban on the trade of seal products from Canada's annual seal slaughter.

In a few short weeks, Canada's ice floes will be a scene of carnage. Hundreds of thousands of baby harp seals will be shot or beaten over the head with primitive clubs, impaled with metal hooks and have the skin ripped off their bodies. An estimated 205,000 seals were violently killed this way in 2008 alone, and this year the quota has increased to a staggering 280,000 individuals.

Right now, the European Parliament is actively considering a complete ban on the trade of skins from seals who are slaughtered anywhere in the world. Canadian hunters say that if the ban is passed, it will make the annual seal "harvest" a "non-viable industry". PETA Europe is already targeting MEPs, demanding that they speak up for seals by backing the proposed law. At the same time, protests against the Canadian government, some organised by PETA Europe, are now going on around the globe.

What You Can Do

The critical vote is set to take place in mid April, so action is needed now! Write to your local MEPs and ask them to show their compassion by voting for a complete ban. Then, share this important news with everyone you know and urge them to write to their MEPs as well. In order to stop the annual slaughter, our voices must be raised loud and strong.



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