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..talk time. Have you guys read anything really good recently... that you'd recommend?

My contribution:

"The Prize", by Daniel Yergin..it's a massive book on the history of the Oil Industry. I'm half way thru, but can't put it down. It's a masterpiece so far.

"Genghis: Birth of an Empire", and "Genghis: Lords of the Bow" both by Conn Iggulden....sequential historic novels on the life of Genghis Khan. They're relatively light reading and have juice like a novel, but informative, and impossible to put down! The next installment is due out in the Spring.

"The Lessons of History", Will and Ariel Durant...definately in the top 10 books I've "read". I listened to this one via tape in the car. I'd suggest others do the same as the tapes included interviews with the Durants in between chapters. A great analysis of human history!

What are you guys reading?


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My Contribution:

"Praying for Gil Hodges" - Tom Oliphant

Eric: if you are reading this, I would think you would particularly enjoy this book. It is about a kid born in 1946 (Oliphant) who lives in Brooklyn and is a diehard Dodger fan. (no surprise). He is quite a young man. In the fifties as he is growing up he is quite a musical talent. He tries out for and gets a spot in the Metropolitan Opera as a singer. He also takes piano lessons and is quite good. He talks about his experience as a kid and his frustrations with his Dodgers. Much of the book weaves his story with the 1955 World Series in which the Dodgers finally beat the rival Yankees. I highly recommmend this book.

I have just started "Team of Rivals" by Doris Kearns Goodwin. I am not reading it because of all the press about Obama and his team of rivals. Growing up in Illinois all my life I have been to Springfield, New Salem and all the Lincoln places. But I still do not feel I know enough about good old Abe. I really like Doris Goodwin and she researched this book for 10 years before it was done. So far it is excellent.


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I read a book by Doris a few years ago called "Maybe Next Year". It is about growing up in suburban NYC on Long Island. She would keep score of the Dodger games on the radio and TV. She would then read them back to her Dad when he came home. It brilliantly weaves all the changes in our culture of the fifties and how the Dodgers were at the forefront with an integrated team. I really enjoyed that book!!


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Well, I HAVE to read "The Art of Mesoamerica" for school, but the very last book I read for pleasure (not for school) was "Born Amish." I am fascinated by them. I started an article on them a while ago but it's not finished.

Next on plate for pleasure - "Editing Today." I have a number of books on writing that I want to read. I rarely read fiction.

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