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"Sheep On A Plane"


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(AP) April 20th 2009.

Disappointed with the tepid results of 2006's "Snakes On A Plane"...New Line Cinema has completed filming the reformulated..."Sheep On A Plane".

This completely re-imagined story revolves around a couple of secret agents from New Zealand who smuggle four hyper-intelligent and wooly sheep aboard a plane headed for the USA with the goal of mating them with a Montana flock and creating a herd of super sheep that will take over the world.

Here is a photo of the stars of this new flick..."Muzza and Kiwi Von Stroheim" and director "Lance Brooklyn" whose last film "Desperate Fools" was an international smash.


Muzza and Kiwi will be doing a tour in late April and May across the USA to publicize the June 15th 2009 release of this highly anticipated summer blockbuster.

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I forgot to mention that one of the subplots of the film features international acting sensation "Sadiis" who is trying to escape the oppressive "Flannel Government" that has seized power in "Thunder Bay" Canada and has managed to sneak aboard the plane and hide in the storage compartment with her pet elk only to unwillingly find herself enmeshed in the life and death struggle on this fateful flight!-Ira.

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I am imagining a scene where our sheep get confused when they realise that Montana is a place where there are other sheep as they have only heard of Montana wines which create New Zealand's top vintages. :P

They start arguing over whether they should treat these Montana (not the wine) sheep as friends or aliens!!! confusedwink

This occurs about 4 hours across the Pacific Ocean eek

Muzza cool

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In a bizarre plot twist that was saved for the film's final edit...The hyper-intelligent sheep hi-jack the arcraft...storm the flight cabin and demand that the plane land in Cleveland on the shores of Lake Erie.

The master-race sheep then storm the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame...and demand to see Jann Wenner...Rolling Stone Publisher and a big honcho at the R&R HOF.

They then refuse to leave until the Raspberries are admitted into the HOF.

Moral of the story...Even a bunch of wooly New Zealand sheep have more damn sense than the supposed "Rock Press Intelligencia" of these United States.

Oh BTW...Sadiis and her Canadian elk sneak out in all the confusion and find safe harbor in the USA.-Ira.

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