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Just watched the Shuttle take off here


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Yes I really want to go right there and watch it live, but you know sometimes you get there and they cancel the entire thing - but I'd like to see the Space Center anyway.... perhaps I'll go this year and see it all.

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We could see it too !

This the the third time we could see it. It was beautiful !!

We have been at a rocket launch at the Space Center, I would love to see the shuttle go up.

If you ever have a chance to go when they have a launch you should go!

You feel it before you can see.

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I just happened to be in Disney World when Challenger flew its last successful mission, and I saw the launch with my husband and son. None of us will ever forget it. The next time Challenger lifted off, it exploded. frown

I'm really glad I didn't see that happen live. crying

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