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Marvin's First Album


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I remember that like Eleice I also had a Donny Osmond album for my first album, I think that I was 11 or 12 at the time, and what's sad is that I think that I still have it. My first single, as a different type of contrast, was "Heart of Gold" by Neil Young. smile Don't ask my why I remember this, but I do.


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My parents bought me the 45 single "ABC" by the Jackson 5 probably because it was my birthday back when I was 5 years old in May of 1970. The second 45 single that I got was "Do You Know What Time It Is" (Howdy Doody) by Circa '58 & The P-Nut Gallery which went to # 62 back in July of 1971 on Buddah Records. Actually on some early pressings, the flip side was an instrumental called "Lanny's Tune" on some Buddah 45's but the flip side was "Welcome Back To Dootieville" that was said on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts Book. The third single that I got from my parents was "Sweet City Woman" by the Stampeders which went to # 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts & # 5 on the AC Charts. Matt

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Ellece, speaking of the Osmonds, is "Keep on My Side"(an Osmonds B-side) available on CD? Haven't heard that song in a LONG time...

As for records, I usually got them for birthdays or Christmas...so I had a few early...Beatles, Creedence , Chicago...and even Herb and the TJB. Oh, yes the Royal Guardsman singles.

as for the first I actually bought...I would say for the single, "Tickler" by EarthQuake, and for the album would be the first Raspberries album.

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