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ipod question

HT from Mo

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For those of you who are tech savvy... I have an iPod shuffle that I really like but I have one question as far as the sound. The earbuds that I use(just got new ones) obviously have L and R marked on them.

When I was listening to Dave's "Rock and Roll Mama" I had switched the earbuds and put the R in my L ear and the song sounded different. I heard more of Eric's piano and less of Dave and Wally's guitars. Why is that???

Just a tidbit of info about me(not that I go around telling everyone), I have a total hearing loss in my right ear and have had since I was 4.

Anyway, if someone could shed some light on this "phenomenon" that would be great.


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earbuds give me a pain cuz it seems I can never get a good balance as one always seems to fit in my earhole(s) (word?) a bit different than the other. For my I-POD, which I use on the treadmill, I got a set of old fashion headphones and I am much happier with them.

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I agree with Argee (try to say that fast 10x!). A good set of 'normal' headphones beat earbuds any day of the week.


Not these -- I have the Super.fi 5 pros, which are amazing, and reasonable. But, I just ordered the triple.fi's, as shown below. I use them on my iPod.


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