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Sexiest woman on TV ever.....


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Some runners-up, not necessarily in order:

-Tina Fey

-The girl from Jag...forget her name, and never really watched the show but she's got the goods!

-Deborah Norville...in her days on the Today Show

-Angie Dickinson

-Julie (from the LoveBoat)

-The Mercury car girl

-Klink's secretary on Hogan's Heroes

-The year's cast from "Asi Es La Vida".. eekeek

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Shhhhhh.... Bonnie is with our daughter's getting baths together.....Oh boy.......I've stared at the screen now for ten minutes trying to get my list together......Okay here goes, in no particular order (and with my chauvinstic piggy snout firmly placed on my nose).

Loved Mary Tyler Moore back in the day...but in 1967/68 no one did it more for a 9 yr old than Yvonne Craig who played Batgirl (must've been the costume and motorcycle). cool

Included....all time....I agree with James regarding Deborah Norville...actually prettier in person than on TV. I adore Tina Fey because of her wit (which makes her very sexy....okay the glasses are hot as well).

But...let's not forget.....

Vanessa L. Williams & Rebecca Romain - Ugly Betty......WOW eyeeyehappy

Christine Heigl - Grey's Anatomy

and a plethora of smart newcasters from CNN, FOX (appropriately named)...and various local news outlets.

Finally.......the hands-down winner is...... Marge Simpson....because nothing is sexier than a blue 2 foot behive hairdo.

Bailey from WKRP...ABSOLUTELY!

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