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Just Got Back From IRON MAN

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And I gotta tell you, it's delivered all that it's promised. Solid acting; which fans of Robert Downey, Jr would expect; as well as a great rendering of the story. For long time fans of Iron Man, the story stays close enough to the original to please you while at the same time updating and modernizing a great character.

Based on the number of screens and and the size of the audience for a 1230 showing, I suspect the movie will definitely perform well enough at the box office to warrant a sequel or two... laugh

(and for the record, it's less of a comic book movie than one might think... I give it my highest reccomendation!)

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This from tvguide.com

Iron Man courtesy Paramount PicturesIron Man, starring Robert Downey Jr., topped the box office with a $100.7 million weekend haul, and has taken in $104.2 mil since its Thursday premiere, the second-best opening ever for a nonsequel (trailing only the original Spider-Man). Iron Man marks the 10th-biggest opening of all time and the fourth-best for a superhero flick.

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Of course now... after leaving during the credits, I once again am reminded why you must sit through them... as word that Samuel L. Jackson (as Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.) makes an appearance, talking to Tony Stark about "the Avenger initiative"...

Now there is word that Robert Downey, Jr will reprise his role as Tony Stark in a cameo in this summers Hulk movie... and that an Avengers movie is on the horizon...

I have not been so excited by Marvel Comics characters since I was a kid and Daredevil, Submariner, and Spiderman got together! laugh

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