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Kyle Vincent

Matthew C. Clark

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Kyle is a pretty prolific songwriter. He has released 3 cd's in the last 7 years not to mention a cd of unreleased stuff that had his version of "On the Beach" on it. As I've mentioned previously, I find his new cd "Solitary Road" to be a bit too soft and a real departure from his previous discs, but it certainly shows growth in songwriting.

In my last post to him, I asked him whether he needed a publicity agent in Canada!


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I informed Kyle that there were numerous posts on this site referencing his music. He acknowledged that he is a huge fan of Eric's music and that we was humbled that so many diehard EC afficionados appreciated his stuff.

Again -- for those who have not yet heard KV's music, treat your ears today!

Bob Allen

Syracuse, NY

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Here's something further from Kyle in regard to his song "You Will Dance Again" which I had remarked sounded like somewhat like Eric.


Didn't really have Eric in mind on 'Dance', mostly an early Elton feel I think, but I can hear the similarities with some EC stuff, maybe in the nasal vocal in places, hard to keep my influences out of any songs.




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A few posts ago, I had mentioned about Kyle's song "5000 Heroes." Well thanks to Carolyn at Kyle's site, the song is available at:


Carolyn reminded me that Kyle's intention when he wrote this song was to have it shared. It was used in fundraising efforts put forth by the State of Nebraska. All monies gained from the song went to Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund. Otherwise, he never "sold" it. He just wanted to share it.

Besides the online video (www.5000heroes.com), it can still be downloaded on his page at mp3.com (www.mp3.com/kylevincent)



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Tony at first listen I too was disappointed with "SR", it is too soft for my tastes. Since then, I've given it a few more spins and have grown to like it much more. I also don't think it's as strong as Kyle's previous releases, but give it a chance. It is a much more 'grown-up' album.


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Originally Posted By: TOMMY TUNES
Marvin, Tony, Anyone

What is your favorite Kyle Vincent TUNE?

Well to name four: "Arianne", "She's Top 40", "Jennifer", "Wake Me Up..."

Many others. Kyle has an ear for writing catchy tunes, but like I mentioned to him recently, "more uptempo, less ballads!"

That's a pretty impressive top four, Marv! I would also add "Next Time We'll Go Crazy" and "One Good Reason" to those as my favorites.

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