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Cap is BACK!!

Captain Harlock

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Isn't this the same Bucky Barnes who was killed in the fifties and resurrected in the seventies? By that logic, next decade or so will see Steve Rogers back as Cap... wink

Besides, the PC thing to do would have been for the Falcon... Cap's old partner... to have donned the red, white, and blue... or maybe Luke Cage... a little more indestructable Cap... wink

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They didn't bring Bucky back until the last year or so (He died in the mid '40s). In comics now a days, no one stays dead (except Barry Allen). Steve Rogers will return after this particular spectacle runs it's course. I was an avid collector of comics in the '60s and '70s and my collection includes most every silver age title in their entirety as well as quite a few golden age books. Today's comics look incredible visually but for the most part they are all about promotion and events and not about character and story.

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