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"Maybe I'm Amazed"


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I’m amazed that when people meet me they sing WINDY by the Association and my name is WENDY. eye

I’m amazed that with a bazillion people on this planet, 2 people find each other and actually fall in love. LuvLove What if they had turned right instead of left?

I’m amazed that any man has ever loved me. confused

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I am amazed by "Murphy's law" and how my youngest son and daughter now have runny noses and sore throats.

I, being a life-long insomniac am amazed at how I will continue to drink

coffee, Diet Brisk and Diet Pepsi this late and expect to fall asleep before daybreak...

I am amazed that as becoming a writer I still do not use spell check. Sorry, Vic!

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I am amazed by the night sky and the billions of stars. Do they really number more than grains of sand on all the beaches of the world?

I am amazed at how music can transmute human emotions into living tone, and the tone, in turn, can affect the emotions of the listener.

Although I know how and why they work, film and vinyl records never cease to amaze me. How art made decades and decades ago can be preserved, viewed and loved through the ages knocks me out.

The capacity of my children in school to love and make me happy as well as their ability to make music is truly a thing of wonder.

It never ceases to amaze me how happy playing the violin makes me.

The power of faith that everything will be alright to make everything alright amazes me.

Ira's never-ending ability to come up with positive, loving threads (and his appreciation and love for people) ALWAYS amaze me!

smile --Darlene

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I am amazed that a beautiful, kind person like Wendy-Ann would have such a silly thought.

Well thank you but perhaps I should have clarified that post. I suppose I know when I LOVE(d) someone, and I've loved VERY few, VERY few... I don't think about it, I KNOW why I love(d) them... but to realize someone looks at me and thinks - I love her...that just amazes me.
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I am Amazed at the beautiful sunsets here in Florida...Sometimes my Hubby and I go to the beach at sunset and just watch Mr. Sun go down....its breathtaking..

I am amazed at my older Grandson Evan 4...He is so much like my son, and has so many of his quirks, that its almost unreal...but I love it, it brings back fond memories of my Joel when he was a boy laugh

I am amazed that i'll be 50 in October, and I don't feel any different then I did when I was 20 eek just the body feels different..more aches and pains haha Oh yeah..more gray hair

eek Thank goodness for Clairol.

I am truely amazed by the internet..its so great, that you can talk to anyone, almost anywhere in this Big old world of ours.

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I am amazed at all the high tech stuff that has been invented and become standard in the past few years...Computers, cellphones and Skype Internet communication...All things i had to pretend i had when i was a kid...It's sure sweet havin' all this stuff for real now...Although i am not as thrilled with the cellphone as i thought i would be...I tend to think the best condition for a cellphone to be in...is the off position...I turn 'em on only to make calls...

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I was amazed when my two boys were small,no matter how exhausted or frustrated I found myself after I put them to bed in the evening....

The next morning when I saw their precious little faces...it was like everything that happened before was forgotten and I was ready to start the day!

I'm amazed at how a look or a touch can sometimes say more than words will ever say...

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I'm amazed that after several unsuccessful attempts, I FINALLY got my password to E.C. com re-activated. I'm amazed that on the PA system at a wholesale Costco-type 'warehouse' store several days ago I heard 10cc singing 'The Things We Do For Love' followed by the Raspberries 'Go all the Way.' I'm amazed that I recently bought my first flat screen HDTV and that it's still a struggle to find anything worth watching on it, and, last but not least, I'm amazed that so many folks think there is no possibility of finding good pizza here in Southern California. I'll admit we don't have the quantites of good 'slice' places here as in NY or Chicago, but, if you've lived here as long as I have after emigrating from NY, good slices can be found, made available mostly by other transplanted New Yorkers. My good friend Ira will be eating some good pizza with me when he visits next week.....

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I am amazed my wife still puts up with my crap spin

I am amazed at the thermos...I put cold liquid in - it stays cold..I put hot liquid in...it stays hot...How does it know the difference? :P

I am amazed at what people do in the "privacy" of their cars while waiting for a red light. Hey people...we can see you flossing your teeth and picking your nose! eek

I am truly amazed that I can withstand a heavy sparring match upright while an "I love you Daddy" drops me to my knees! heartpump


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