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"Maybe I'm Amazed"


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I thought it might be fun to start off the new year with a really positive thread.

What are two,three,or four things that continue to amaze and thrill you jaded old adults every day.

Little things,big things,kids,pets, technology,...I'm sure there are still some things that make you glow like you did when you were a kid watching a beautiful "Lionel Train" layout at your local Department Store.

Here are a few things that still amaze me every day...

1-That electric can openers manage to conform to the shape of any can...make the proper adjustments...and manage to open 'em.

2-That you can cook mozzarella cheese on top of meat for an hour and it doesn't turn to turd like American Cheese but browns and still maintains it's moist chewy wonderful,flavor-enhancing identity!

3-That I have NEVER had a bad piece of pizza in New York or New Jersey...These two states are indeed "The Holy Land"-IMHO!

Your turn!

Let's have fun!

Search your brains!

Even if you've never thought of it in these terms before...What are some things that never fail to amuse and amaze you every single day?- smile Ira.

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I am amazed that the human mind can remember things.

That the smells of childhood never leave you when you come across them again.

That pizza is wonderful in New York and Chicago,still waiting to try some good stuff out west.

That some friends are there for you no matter what and I have been blessed with many of them.

That writers, actors, ect...are always striking, but there is always an eventual end to them.

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things that still amaze me....

1) the unconditional love of a pet- my beloved Sadie. No matter how bad of a day, or down mood that I get into, just seeing her wagging her tail and happy to see me, always snaps me out of my stupor.

2)how much a Starbucks Tazo Chai tea can help a hangover...yes I was out until 3 am last night whooping it up with my 21 year old niece and her girlfriends. I even got out on the dance floor!! That was TRULY AMAZING!

3) The power of positive thinking and what it can bring about.

Great post Ira!!! happy

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Thanks Anna...Take a look at our IM's to eachother that crossed and let's see if we can figure them out.

I'm goin' out for awhile...Hope to speak to you later.

For those who don't know...A buncha us met Anna in NYC last week and she too qualifies as "Amazingly" Nice!.-Ira.

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I am amazed by this teeny tiny ipod, how can hold all this music, where are the batteries?

How a baby can stop me and make me koo and smile no matter how busy or distracted I am.

I am amazed how kids take to all the new techno things and I have no clue.

How can my car know it's sprinkling and turn on the wipers by it's self ?

I am amazed how some people (not me) can never get lost, even if they have never been to the place.

I am amazed how we can recognize someone we haven't see in decades

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Well, given that:

I'm a Beatle freak...

My name is Paul...

My wife's name is Linda...

We live in Liverpool (New York)...

"Maybe I'm Amazed" HAD to be our wedding song in August 2006.

And it's the ringtone I assigned to only Linda, when calls me.

I thought this thread was about the song. But liked what I was reading from all of you. So hopefully the above info falls within the positive karma you are creating.

Happy Gnu Year! wink

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I am amazed that all five of my children have so far been blessed with good health.

That there is still no cure for the common cold.

That no matter how many carefully counted pairs of socks go in the dryer, i will not get some of them back.

That I can never seem to find a pen the writes when I need one in a hurry.

I am amazed that you can play a song over and over and over again at home, but when you get in the car and hear it on the radio, you flip out.

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Ira, you've got me on a roll.....

I am amazed that kids can tell time very precisely when they are waiting to go somewhere, but have no concept of what "5 more minutes" means when it's time to come in.

That kids although reminded of the sound of the dentist's drill, never seem to stop craving fruit Roll-ups or Pop Tarts.

I am also amazed that even when the need arises for them to be repremanded, There is always "I'm sorry, I love you mom" shortly thereafter. Without fail.

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