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*Admit It! What have you bought from TV?*


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OK, am I the only sucker here? smile

I have a confession to make. I'm a buyer of those things on TV late at night.

Just to name a few...

Carlton Sheets ...buy homes no money down (The bank is still laughing at me!)

70's Music Explosion with the Bonus DVD One Hit Wonders.. laugh

Dean Martin variety Shows and Roasts..(every damn one of them!)

My latest ..the Swivel Sweeper...go ahead and laugh!! laughlaughlaugh

OK, you go!

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Flip Fold (had seen it on TV first, but bought it when I saw it at local CVS)

Total Gym (when I saw it at Caldor's years ago) - note to anyone considering buying a Total Gym; contrary to the infomercial, it is NOT a piece of equipment that folds easily for storage. It's great though if you can devote a space where it can stay open all the time.

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