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Happy Birthday AnniekNY !!! *April 21*


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HEY! Thanks everybody!!! I just got online for the first time since i got off the ship yesterday - I am so touched!! I love you guys.

I spent my birthday in Freeport, Bahamas at the Dolphin Encounter Lagoon playing with the dolphins who were in the movies "Cocoon" and "Zeus and Roxanne" donated by Ron Howard! A long time dream realized.

You all will be happy to know that I won 4 trivia contests on the ship and have the 24 carat plastic "SHEEEEEEEEP on a STEEEEEECK" trophies to prove it. It's good to be 47!!!!!

love to everyone - I even got a special message on my cel phone from New Zealand!!!!!! That was wonderful - the first message I heard!

We're in Savannah until sunday - off to Tybee beach!!

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I was away from the board and missed your birthday! frown

VERY VERY HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY WISHES to the only lady in the world I would ever share Denis Leary with! You're the embodiment of a true-blue, dyed-in-the-wool, passionate Razz and Eric fan, and the greatest friend anyone could ever have! I wish for you sunshine and rainbows your whole birthday year through, and some fantastic

Raspberries concerts and Denis Leary episodes to love as well!

PS--The next Denis season will be in '09 from what I hear, and they're supposed to be doing some bigtime work on that forthcoming season.

Hope it gives ya the old chills like it used to !

smile --Love, Dar

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