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"Missed Opportunity" theme game

Billy K.

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Just came up with an idea of "Missed Opportunities".....I will give you some examples, and you will come up with similar items in this theme.......

1. Bruce Willis doing battery ads for Sears.

2. Keanu Reeves playing Superman

3. Boeing advertising the "777" on slot machine reels.

4. Two-hit wonders "Hot Chocolate" doing a Nestle ad.

5. For once, have the "running of the Bulls" on Wall Street, instead of Spain.

6. Move Hormel meats(makers of SPAM), to Lagos, Nigeria(the SPAM-ing e-mail capital of the world).

7. The Washington State produce bureau suing both the Beatles and Steve Jobs for using the Apple as their emblem.

8. Having the Pittsburgh Pirates play some of their "home" games in St. Thomas, Martinique, and Jamaica

Some are a bit abstract, and some absurd, but I'm sure your creative minds can come up with some more "Missed Opportunities"......

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Here's a few missed opportunities:

1. TOMMY TUNES Calling Cards - for when you want to phone-nap someone, but you don't have the cash

2. Winnie the Pooh toilet paper.

3. Darlene starring in "Mrs. Rogers' Neighborhood."

4. Trojan Condoms handed out to incoming freshman at USC

5. Matthew C. Clark replacing Don Imus on the radio.

6. Tony Cartmill replacing Howard Stern on the radio.

7. Have the Strawberry Alarm Clock tour with the Lemon Pipers, the Lime Spiders, Bananarama and Raspberries, and have it sponsored by Fruit Loops.

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A few more:

1. "Life's a Bitch" sweaters for female dogs.

2. Dolly Parton doing Hooters Restaurant


3. A package tour featuring The Byrds, The

Monkees, The Animals, The Bears and Seal.

4. Another package tour featuring The Beatles,

The Spiders From Mars, The Crickets and

The Mosquitos.

5. Brown dice at the craps table in Vegas.

6. Tight fitting t-shirts for large-breasted

women that read "Thanks For the Mammaries."

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  • 5 months later...

Hannah Montana playing a show in the state of Montana.

One more on that.....have the show in the city of Havre, Montana....and have that Bret guy be the MC for the show....

Eric Carmen in the opera, "Carmen"

Continental Airlines calling their LAX-Cleveland

redeye the "Overnight Sensation".

Seeing the Indians play a game in Delhi.

Having the Rolling Stones play during the break at the Colorado Avalanche game.

A mom-and-pop burger joint in New Jersey calling their 3/4 pounder, cooked in merlot, as the "Max Wine-Burger"!

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