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What are you doing New Years Eve?


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Hey Diane laugh

I'm with you, an early movie and then home and off the roads. I think I might be catching "Dreamgirls". It's was the talk of the office today for those that saw it. They all said the same thing, 'Jennifer Hudson just knocks it out of the stratosphere! Beyonce who?'

They say Dick Clark is going to be on New Year's Rockin' Eve more this year. It's just so bittersweet to see him. Seems like just yesterday he was introducing Eric!!! And being from just across the river from Philly, I certainly remember AB when it was LIVE from Philly.


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I'll be playing the annual symphony New Years Eve concert, which Herman will attend. It's a really nice gig--I get to play beautiful music with old friends and leave for home early enough to avoid intoxicated drivers, then ring in the New Year with Raspberries/EC music and some fine wine.

(I won't think about getting those lesson plans done on New Years Day...)

smile --Darlene

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Same as every Sunday, get drunk and watch the Packers. Look back over the highs and lows of 2006 certainly. Amongst the highs were Julie moving in, a new horse and a trip to India. Amongst the lows were getting drunk and watching the Packers every Sunday. Also amongst the lows was the perceptible absence of any Raspberries gigs. Hopefully this will be rectified in early 2007. Certainly 2006 had its share of interesting moments. Here's my awards for the year:

Biggest Ditz: (tie) Paris Hilton and George Bush

Saddest passing: Gerald Ford, his tremendous soul singing will be remembered forever.

Best album of 2006: Cat Stevens, An Other Cup.

Worst Albums: Anything involving Bob Seger or My Chemical Romance.

Happy 2007!!

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Near where I live, and about an hour's drive from L.A. This is the second year of the event. Tickets, both General and VIP will go up $50.00 on Sunday, Dec. 31st, 2006.

They are ready and poised to play. Local bands are included. Almost 30 bands, on six stages at www.ocnye.com where you can hear their famous hits: Blondie(Rock and Roll Hall of famer), The Romantics, The Knack, Tommy Tuton, Violent Femmes, Thomas Dolby, Soul Asylum, The Tubes, Berlin, Everclear, Brett Michaels of Poison, JB Richards of Dishwalla, Soul Asylum, The English Beat, Everclear, Porterville, The Colour, American Eyes, The Randies, Scarlet Crush, Buckcherry Bangkok 5; Off White, and apparently some unlisted bands.

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More bands are Chasom, Boxcar,Six, The Attraction, Entice, and Countershock. And that should read Buckcherry, Bangkok 5. Put on by Rich Goodwin of car shows fame, and music sponsor 93.1 Jack FM. The producers have brought in Flag Audio who are adding sound walls and angling speakers to ensure a fuller richer sound, so that the audience and not all the neighbors hear the concert the best.

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Several cities around the world, live ,right now, is Hong Kong-over six hours more, live- (2:00 PST and 5:00EST is their New Year), and later at Mumbai, Berlin, Rio, and New York at www.nokianewyearseve.msn.com/?GT1=8917 . Once you find, let's say Hong Kong now, click on low or high bandwidth. Once the screen is up, you can click out the previous screen , because it will overlap the second screen live show's audio music(hit the 'x' on upper right of first screen). Artists and guests for each show not mentioned are Atomic Kitten(Hong Kong); Segio Medes Mendes, The Black Eyed Peas, John Legend(Rio); Nelly Furtado(Mumbai); Scissor Sisters, Sugarbabies(Berlin); Rithanna, Ludacris( New York).

They're really rocking out in Hong Kong. Listen to the music! I just heard "Start Again" and "I'll Be With You Again" in English!

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They played a song with the digital clock behind them. I had mistaken 18 minutes left for the 18th hour. It's 2007 now(8:00am PST and 11:00am EST)in Hong Kong. Maybe they'll replay more. Yes, at 8:07am PST and 11:07 EST they started again. And Atomic Kitten is singing "It's Ladies Night"(A 'Kool And The Gang' famous song); they just brought on extra dancers for "The Tide Is High", etc.

That's Nokia's New Year's Eve present to the world, just listen in. It's my guess that they'll replay throughout the day, and maybe monday. Or, as long as you click on to their site on any day next week, in January.

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What am I doing New Year's Eve? Tonight? Hmmm..... I've always liked quiet, at-home New Year's Eves, and this will be no different.... So my night looks like:

1) Put my girls to sleep

2) Fight with wife

3) Watch the Packers

4) Get a little work done while fighting with wife and watching the Packers....

Exciting, huh?

(Do they still have that "Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve" show...?)

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