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What are you doing New Years Eve?


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Ted, when I took my nephews to Disney World in 2003 we stayed at Day's Inn in Plant City. Thought I could trust Day's Inn but I had to have them turn my phone off in the middle of the night as I got several drug related phone calls...probably to the previous occupant.

My nephews thought it was funny (and I kind of did too).

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We like to do different things. I took them to a Miami Hurricane football gave once etc etc.

They're really interested in history. There's a place in Missouri...Corn, Wheat, errr Rice Valley or something like that..can't recall exactly the name...But anyway the travel books say that this place is still in the 1700s and going there is like traveling right into history! My nephews keep begging me to take them there but traveling the dirt roads to get there really doesn't appeal to me..


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For the last 3 New Years Eves we have held a big bash at our house with 50 -60 people, entertainment, and food for 200. This year my cousin wanted to throw the party in his new house. I will gladly save the thousands of dollars spent on the party and my wife will not miss all the work involved. Instead we will enjoy being entertained rather than entertaining.

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Plant City?

Wrong time of year for strawberries

We have property in Beverly Hills FL,and Minneola,FL.


why would anyone stay in Plant city to go to Disney? There are do many Hotels right there in the area?

Back on the Topic,

We are going over to a neighbors party.

I do not want to be out driving. About 15-20 people, lots of fun, we all bring an appetizer type dish, to keep it easy. I was asked to bring "I was Born to Love you" CD. I'll pick one up as a hostess gift!

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Bess, we spent one full day at DWorld...drove up the evening before from Naples so we could get an early start...stayed in Plant City to save $100+ on a hotel room as we were to only spend 8 hours in the room.

Like the Stein Mart shoppers on EC.Com, I don't believe in spending money unnecessarily.. wink

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I heard the story was that James is dating 2 Bears cheerleaders, so they are working most of the day. And the Bears players get jealous and unfocused when James uses his well-earned comp tickets (Rex, What are you looking at? Get your head in the game!)

So, for the good of the team, James stays home with his Swanson Dinner and watches the game on his 13 inch K-Mart black and white... happy

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