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Reviews of the new MACCA album


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John's solo stuff was never as good as Paul's...He had so many spotty albums and his light moments were as embarrasing as Paul's...Oh Yoko, Only People,One Day At a Time,Angela, Tight A$...If McCartney had written Love or Beautiful Boy, he would be getting hammered by the critics

I have to disagree completely. Except for "Sometime in New York City", I found all of John's albums to be extremely good and consistent and far better than most anything Macca ("Ram" and "Band on the Run" excluded) was putting out at the time. Apart from "Angela" (which I think is more of a Yoko song) I think quite highly of all the songs you mentioned and thought the same long before John died.
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I always felt that both John and Paul turned out work that was sub-par to their Beatle days, but that John was much better in his solo career than Paul. Sure, Paul cranked out a greater number of songs, but John had overall higher quality. The more I listen to Paul's latest effort the more I dislike it. Anyway....just my two cents worth for this thread.

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The critics always give McCartney the benefit of the doubt ofcourse but I dont think he's done a consistently good album since "Venus and Mars."

This new, supposed , hit song from the new album is boring and repetetive. Compare McCartneys voice to Erics nowadays. Eric is absolutely unbelievable while McCartney sounds dismal. I wouldnt pay $10 to see McCartney if he was playing in the nextdoor neighbors yard. Boring. The last time I thought he was excellent in concert was Wings Over America in 1976. His concerts are like a formulaic now.

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Until the Raspberries reformed, I felt that the last tour Paul did in 2002 were the best two concerts I had ever attended (we were fortunate enough to have him stop early in the tour and then a second time at the tail end of the tour in Chicago). I've seen Paul eight or nine times over the years and he just gets better live each time.

I will say in regard to the other Paul thread here, I'm not too happy about seeing "I Saw Her Standing There" and "All My Loving" missing from his current set list,and I hope that changes, but I'm still looking forward to his United Center visit next month.

Your killing me with the "dismal" remark on Paul's voice. He is 63 and still sings all the songs in the same key from when he was twenty! Paul and Eric both have amazing voices and in my opinion, the best two rock singers of all time.

While I respect your opinion, I don't think Paul has EVER gotten the respect of the critics, certainly not locally here. If anything, I feel the locals here can't wait to jump all over the guy when a new CD or tour happen. While, yes, he was a member of the Beatles, it's simply not fair to compare EVERY record he does to a Beatles record, like the critics always do. Paul is to Beatles as Eric is to Raspberries in my world. I don't compare, I just love listening to them all!

I enjoy the new CD (and the DVD is great) but it is definately a departure from what we are used to hearing from him. I think that many fans are "comfortable" with hearing Paul doing verse, verse, chorus, verse, verse, chorus, etc and this record doesn't do that. That is why I think people have such a diversified opinion of this disc. It is clearly a more "mature" sound, with fantastic engineering, I might add.

Initially, nothing really stuck out on first listen, but on the whole, I have found I enjoy it more with each listen. "This Never Happened Before", "Anyway", and "Jenny Wren" are probably my favorites.

I do miss Paul doing a screaming rocker on there, but I also love Paul at the piano and this record is loaded with that.

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Pat has hit the nail on the head. Considering he has released 20 post-Beatles albums, Paul will never be able to shake the ghosts of the past. Doesn't matter if it's "Band on the Run", "Venus", Back to the Egg", "Flaming Pie", "Flowers" or "Chaos." Paul's musical fate is set. I think he's made peace with this, but it's too bad not everyone else can accept this.


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finally heard the new cd... i like it.

strong melodies, dont agree about strong lyrics.

"this never happened" sounds like a single to me.

marv, you cant judge any of the solo beatles to the days when they WERE the beatles. that was four incredible talents that changed the world.

as for paul being "burdened" with the ghost of the beatles... i'm sure everyone on this site would love to have that type "burden" on their resume.....pauls musical fate is going to be that of a legend....thats pretty good eh?

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