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Two First Names Game


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Via my home bound mother who just had to get in on this:

Rip Taylor

Martha Stewart (not sure if she was listed)

Nelson Eddie

Danny Kaye

Sammy Kaye (orchestra leader)

Kay Francis (She has a thing about the name Kay and dead people.)

Alice Faye(rhymes with Kay - actress)

Harry James (the band leader)

Tony Martin (Cyd Cherese's singer-husband)

Lawrence Olivier

Stan Laurel (born Arthur Jefferson)

Gene Kelly

Freddie Bartholomew (actor - seriously these people are long gone!)


Side bar: Mom was born in 1927 - this is who she remembers as famous.

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Goodness - mom wants me to add some more for her:

Crystal Gayle

Rex Allen (actor, singer, and songwriter)

Steve Martin

Dick Martin

Mary Martin (she's on a Martin phase now)

Craig Nelson (as in Craig T. Nelson. My mom said she's old, let this slide as technically his name IS Craig Nelson)

Vivian Leigh

Janet Leigh

Brandon Lee

(Hold on -- she fell asleep. Gotta wake her.)

Dick Tracy (she says he's famous though not a real person, she doesn't care. This IS what I deal with everyday! haha )

Spencer Tracy

Lee Tracy (Best Supporting Actor for The Best Man)

Ian Keith (actor born: Keith Ross)

Brian Keith

Elizabeth Taylor

Robert Taylor

(oops, she fell back to sleep - be back later)

WAIT! She says:

John James

Jeffrey Hunter

Jimmy Stewart

(ok, now she says she wants to sleep.)

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Thomas Jefferson

Samuel Adams

John Adams

Jefferson Davis

Lee Marvin

(don't think he was a founding father or a president (even after a succession from the union.) laugh However - palimony and Lee Marvin go hand in hand)

Samuel Adams

John Adams

Oops...Adams has an S at the end. I remove these two from the game. Sorry boys!

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From my mom:

Meg Ryan

Nancy Allen

Gracie Allen

Ronald Reagan

Nancy Reagan

Jay Thomas

Richard Thomas

Marlo Thomas

Betty Thomas

Melody Scott Thomas (who started out as Melody Scott on Young and Restless)

The end for now. I swear if I see her pick up that piece of paper and start writting again...she is joining the board. lol

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