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A gift to my friend Hollies65…


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Since I’ve noticed you love Sophia Loren(I love her too),

Have you ever heard the soundtrack from “The Sunflower�

(I Girasoli, by Vittorio De Sica, starring Sophia Loren, Mastroianni, Lyudmila Savelyeva)

Music by Henry Mancini…

Have you seen the movie?

Mancini plays love theme "Loss of Love". Beautiful! and S. Loren is so great!!!



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thanks Tommy!

yes, my sentiments today...

사랑의 I’m leaving 허망함 this Board!!!이여..

today인생의 cause허망함Hollies65이여has..

가슴been이 무ignoring me너진다... 사랑의

인생의 and허망he’s함이never여..

사랑의opened허망함the sweet여..

사랑present의 허망I gave him함이여..

인yesterday!생의 허망함이여.

가슴이 무너진다...


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